Thursday, February 26, 2009

Updated Angel Annie and more bits of fun schtuff

First of all, I'd like to thank DCHStudio for being so kind to include my moon girl ACEO print in her lovely TREASURY! I feel truly honored!!

Secondly, I tweaked Annie a little. Her bug eyes were BUGGIN me :) I just gave her a little thicker upper eye liner and it seemed to help a bit. I have a hard time with the bug eye on my girls! I've tried to go the other way and have had sinister looking, beady eyed babes come out. Not pretty either! haha I need to find the happy medium and on a more consistant basis.

Anyway, here she is now:

I also finished up another girl, but this time I scanned some sheet music and printed it out. I had to scan it first to make it more faint because it was just too dark to try and draw on. Anyway, the music is Moonlight Sonate and this one is larger than my other girls.

I've been tagged by Blog Artists so now I'm off to take care of that :) Wonder what I'll find in my folder!!


Anonymous said...

Hi really have wonderful style..!! Robin

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Thank you Robin! I love YOUR style too! So colorful♥

Altered Posh said...

Hi! Your Angels are beautiful! The darker eyeliner is a trick I use,too....but you'd be surprised at the pieces of my own I thought were "ugly or creepy" turn out to be my best sellers,lol! Keep creating your wonderful art!-alteredposh

Inspiration By Karen said...

Wow Darla, these pictures are beautiful! Your work is absolutely lovely~