Saturday, February 21, 2009

Red Wine and Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Is that bad, in the middle of the afternoon?
1) I should be watching calories and
2) I'm drinking out of wine glasses I bought on Etsy INTENDED for a gift?
Here are my GORGEOUS new glasses!

Please check out Vickie's Etsy store. She does fabulous work!

These are huge and had I read the description, I mean 'really' read it carefully and let it sink it, I would have known they would each hold a 20 oz. bottle of diet coke! haha I love these so much!

I sat here staring at them~ wondering, 'how will they look with red wine in them?'

So I gave in...... They are now MY glasses and all is right with the world.

I'll have to save my pennies and order more when I get a chance.


Michelle said...

Giggle..I had a chicken schnitzel and M&M's at 6 am so why not...:0)

Beautiful glassware

Lisa said...

Oh I have some etsy necklaces that were supposed to be gifts. LOL I love those glasses. Wow! Hope they made your wine and chocolate chips even better.

Cris said...

Ha Ha, I love wine with sweets! Especially sparkling wine. I know what you mean about letting the housework go so you can paint. that's exactly what I did today! Your little angel you painted is much more important than dust free end tables. ha ha

Lisa said...

fill one up with red and get back to us ! hysterical xx

vsilcoxdesigns said...

I'm so happy you like 'em!! Cheers!!!