Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oops...another lesson learned

I was playing around with a 9 x 12 piece of hard board and wanted to practice clouds, trees, etc.
I made my tree too big and there wasn't enough room to do the whole tree! ha!
I practiced a little more with highlights and I see where I can enhance those on the tree trunk a little more now but thought I'd share anyway.

p.s. NOT liking clouds the way I tried them. I think I'll head to the University of Youtube to learn other techniques :)

Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Am I ready?

This is a 16 x 20 canvas that has tons of texture.......not because I planned it that way, but because I had to apply it to somewhat hide the previous work done on this one. Yep, another canvas re-do. I figure when something sits too long and it doesn't appeal to me anymore, I chalk it up to a learning experience and try again :)

I was going to do a whole mixed media whimsical thing.....but it turned out quite differently that I originally planned. I've never painted 'fabric folds' until today and I'm sure the art critics would say I may have failed miserably, but the 'good for you' part of me says it isn't so bad! :)

This week I saw a video on facebook and I wish I could find it on youtube so I could share it, but it was about Jesus coming......and are we ready? It was a VERY moving video. I've attended more funerals this year than I have in the past 5 and I can't help but wonder if I AM READY? If my time were up today, have I lived the life my family can be proud of? Can I be proud of my time here on earth? Not all the time, I'm positive of that, but I try and I will continue to try.

I've also been thinking about leaving my current job and venturing out to a new career, new city, new life. But again, AM I READY? It all sounds exciting but hey, I've lived in this little town surrounded by family and friends forever.......my whole life. It's a big decision! I don't want to go far, but I do desire to go and lately it's been on my mind so much.

I'm sure this painting is reflecting all these thoughts and feelings I've had lately. You may find it hard to see, but I've stamped 'Am I Ready?' on the right side above the horizon :)

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

hmmmmmmmm need some opinions please?

This is a large canvas and I started out wanting to do an abstract landscape and then I hated it so I started to make it a little more realistic, except for the funky sky colors :)
Anyway, I was thinking about putting a large tree in the left front area or maybe some fence posts but I'm scared I"ll mess it up.
Should I go ahead and do that or just touch up the highlights over on that side and call it good?

I can't believe how much paint a person uses on large canvases. No wonder people charge so much. LOL!

Thanks in advance and I look forward to your opinions♥

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Special request

Dale's daughter asked if I could paint something to go above her bed. I asked that she pick out a few styles she liked and I'd see if I could do something similar. This is what I came up with. I had to incorporate a blue shade that she painted in her adjoining bathroom and then her bedding is black with light blue sheets.

I'm still waiting to hear if this is ok or not.........hopefully it will go in her home, if not.....ETSY :)
Each canvas is 18 x 24 with LOTS of texture from molding paste.

Tonight I put epoxy resin on the long daisy painting I did for my guestroom. I LOVE it and will take pics tomorrow when it dries. Boy, do the colors pop with that stuff. Yum!

Have a good night,

Monday, August 23, 2010

A couple of pulled images on watercolor paper

She's determined to see the beauty in every day! This is my goal!

The Secret........your thoughts become your reality. Make your thoughts positive, think about what you want, what your dreams are.........and then expect them to come to you :)

It feels so great!

It felt awesome to get some painting time in this past weekend! Oh, how I wish I could do it more often. I'm so happy when I can paint for fun and just see what happens with it. I'm so envious of full-time artists/crafters......but my little paypal account will not pay the bills at this point. So off to work I go..AGAIN! (I know, I know........I'm thankful for a job in these tough times!)

This one is titled 'Many Moons Ago...'

We had a fun day at the Art & Wine walk on Saturday. It was fun to see various artists and as usual, I'd love to have purchased something but I tend to suffer from extreme sticker shock! Sales, such as framed abstract watercolor paintings originally 650.00, on sale for 350. 00, still couldn't tempt me enough. I guess for now, I'll just admire and continue to learn and grow :)

Have an awesome week everyone!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer is coming to a close

I have to admit, although I'm sad about this, I'm almost looking forward to things settling down too! I've squeaked in some time in the past week to paint a little :) This is a 16 x 20 canvas.

I just LOVE Susan Osborne's abstract lanscapes and tried to recreate one for myself. (16x20) I added texture with molding paste. I was always told we can recreate (or attempt) for our own use, but not to sell so I hope this is ok and nobody slams me for copyright infringement?

Here's another attempt in a different hue. (12 x 12)It's actually not this dark, but I had to take the pic without a flash since I put a gloss finish on it. That wasn't working well with a photo flash! ha

Last weekend we were able to visit my brother in the cities and catch a Twins game. It was so fun! Today I'm going to an Art & Wine walk up in Grand Forks so I hope to get inspired and with the wine....I'll be happily inspired ;)

Happy weekend to you all!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My week in review

I'm experimenting again with abstract style. I painted this large 30 x 24 canvas the other night. I painted the hydrangea and while the paint was still wet, I sprayed it with my water bottle. It turned out kind of cool I think?

Here it is leaning on top of my entertainment center to show you the size. I've been experimenting with Epoxy Resin finish and I'm thinking I might want to coat this one to really make the colors pop. I'm just scared to do a piece this large. We'll have to wait and see how gutsy I get :)

It was my son, Josh's birthday on Tuesday. My baby turned 25! I made him these Chocolate Caramel cupcakes. YUM!

Last weekend Dale and I went to Alexandria, MN to visit with my brother and his wife. We visited the Carlos Creek Winery and had a wonderful time. I loved it! This is a picture of a grape cluster I was able to capture. I would love to paint it someday.

Another pic from the winery.

Well, lots to do the next 24 hours and then Dale and I are taking my Dad to visit my other brother in Minneapolis for the weekend. We got some AWESOME tickets to see a Twins baseball game in the new outdoor Target Field.

This summer has been so busy with running non-stop and I'm actually looking forward to fall and settling back down into more of my normal routine. I miss painting so much and NEED to get back to it on a regular basis. It 'completes' me :)

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!