Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This is how I doodle when I'm watching The Bachelor!
Is it just me? Are these people serious? I'm watching it only because I've gotten hooked on this strange mating ritual and now must see how it all ends. But seriously.......who finds their true love on reality tv when that's the sole purpose of the show? And what women think it's ok to fall in love with a man, knowing he's trying her out and romancing others at the same time (in the same house!)?

Sorry if anyone thinks this is normal, I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around it!
He's a handsome man.......they are beautiful women. I can't believe they have difficulty dating in the real world so I'm left to believe they're just after their piece of the 'fame' pie. Nuff said.

Have a good day filled with 'real' love from the 'real' people in your life ♥



what a sad little girl...
love your work
mona & the girls

Lisa said...

tell me about it- i am caught up watching 'ladettes to lady' with is about turning off the rails girls into lady's- i cant beleive im watching it but i cant turn away !!
love the image- it is me tonight xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I realized by not putting a date on nana's death. I have led people to think it was this valentine's day. She died 10 years ago. Just before I met my hubby, Mark.

I can understand the thoughts behind these kind of programs. Look for good intentions and say good things to yourself like you are beautiful, every time you have a negative thought.

Michelle said...

I am grateful I don't watch much television...I find it all rather bewildering and a waste of my time these days....much rather be reading...or painting.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I think I'll buy a BOSE radio and start listening to some motivating music and that should help!! haha

Sometimes the way it is now, I only have the tv on for noise and company. I have 2 large german shepherds under foot...I'm really not THAT lonely!

suze said...

You are not alone...it's far from normal!

Anonymous said...

Your heart is so kind! Love to make some of these taco's. When I get my gas hob in, I will certainly have a try, thank you for sharing the recipe.