Saturday, January 7, 2017

5 YEARS! Anybody here?

I'm lost .....don't know how or where to even begin again :(

Job loss, ending of long term relationship, new and rather stressful new job, my beautiful dog Mieko passed away, goofy new dog Remi (pictured above) keeps me busy!....anyway, enough of my excuses!!

I'm painting again....for ME!  For FUN!  For REAL!  All I've done these past few years is paint for charity auctions or requests.  I let my Etsy store sit dormant for way too long.

I spent most of today filling it up!  It's really hard and time consuming when you haven't done it for years!

I'm also taking a couple of classes this year!  A year long class hosted by Olga Furman (online) with many other teachers.  It's going to be so fun!

I'm going to California in June to take a class with Kelly Berkey too!  Can't hardly wait for that!

I hope you all are doing well.....if any of you are still out there.  Seems as if Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have taken over for ways to share our art with the world but I thought I'd just pop in and see if anyone is still reading blogs.

I might just start a whole new dreams...fresh start!

Happy New Year!!  May you all have a blessed year!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Will you?


There are so many areas of my life I want to improve on…..I know I can.  I know I will Smile

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scary dream!

Last night I dreamt that I had a huge, bald spot...right on the top of my head. Well, it was actually most of my head. So devastating! I tried the popular 'comb over' but it was NOT helping!!

I went online this morning to try and find the meaning of a dream like this.

"To dream that you are going bald suggests a lack of self-esteem or worries about getting older. Alternatively, baldness symbolizes humility, purity, and personal sacrifice. You are at a stage in your life where you are confident in fully exposing yourself."

I can tell you right now, for me, it IS the self-esteem issue for sure!! My hair has thinned over the years and I do have hair envy when I see women with beautiful, thick hair. I wonder if they even realize how lucky they are? I have my health and I'm SO grateful for that, don't get me wrong. But I'd love me some gorgeous, thick hair too :) Just say'n.

Friday, March 2, 2012



A page in my watercolor journal…….

I’m so thankful for my angel and her subtle messages. I’m sure I’ve missed a few and that’s probably what has landed me in trouble from time to time Winking smile but when I do pay attention, she has saved my life on at least 2 occasions and probably many, many more that I’m just not aware of.

The more I look at her expression in this painting, it's like she's a little worn out and fed up with trying to guide me and somewhat annoyed? ha!

Oh well, I appreciate you angel!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Journal page and an owl




It snowed all day yesterday so I played a little Smile  Today I’m off to sit in an 8 hour sales and use tax seminar.  Words can’t express how much this is depressing me!  ugh


Have a great week!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Micki Wilde swap and a journal beginning

First of all, I wanted to share with you the BEAUTIFUL art piece I received yesterday from Micki Wilde!!

Micki had a wonderful plan to swap little pieces of her amazing artwork with anyone who was willing to do the same with her. Such a cool idea!

I sent this to Micki.


And this is the absolutely most wonderful piece I got from her!!


Isn’t she just beautiful!? Love it and thank you Micki!!

The amazing Serena Lewis inspired me to do a little watercolor art journal. My original plan was to try and paint a little something each day to reflect what’s going on in my life. Probably wasn’t a good idea to start it in December when I was swamped with Christmas plans? ha!

I bought one of these:


It’s fabulous!! Nice, sturdy paper and the size is just right, nothing too overwhelming.

Here’s the kind of pathetic part. It’s been 2 months, almost 3 and I’ve only done 4 pages!

003 004


It’s actually a fun thing to do, a great plan, I just need to keep up a little better with it. Thanks Serena (please visit her inspiring blog!) for inspiring me to try!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper


I started this girl the other night.  She’s done on 90 lb watercolor paper, which I feel is too thin!  I ended up cutting her out and mounting her to another piece.  Not particularly  happy with the sturdiness ( a little warped) so I mounted the entire piece in a frame that I had on hand.  I like her much better framed Smile  I kind of wish I would have adhered her to a wooden surface now, but it’s ok.

Not sure if you can read the wording?  ‘Yesterday is but a dream~and every tomorrow a vision of hope’

Off to a hockey game and then a birthday party!  Have a great Saturday!