Sunday, February 15, 2009

Abstract Daisies

Thank you to Paint1chris for featuring this painting in her Etsy Treasury! Please check out her artwork on Etsy if you get a chance!

She is also a member of the 'Original Artists of Etsy' team!!

Here's the original Treasury but look quick, it expires in a day. BEAUTIFUL COLORS!
I was an alternate so if you go to look and I'm not there, she's maybe swapped again. That's so cool to know you can do that! I never knew why we picked 16 items to put in a treasury and only 12 would show up. NOW I know I can swap them out to feature them all at some point!

I'm working on a list for next time. Pink & Chocolate. There are so many cute things on Etsy with those colors :)

Well I got my haircut's quite a bit shorter but I think it's going to be a style I can work with more easily. The last one required blowing it straight, using a straight iron, etc. etc.
I have a natural wave in my hair and I felt it was damaging it more. Now I have a cut where my curl is incorporated in and I just think it'll be better AND easier! I haven't tried to style it myself yet, so if you hear screaming and bawling in an hour, you'll know it didn't go well! ha

Off to shower and then paint! Have a great day!

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