Sunday, February 22, 2009

My first doodle with Pitt Pens

Have you guys tried these? They are smooth, like budda (butter)
I found it a little hard to shade with markers but it's ok. They were fun
to use. I also did this on watercolor paper and I'm sure it would have been even smoother on
paper meant for drawing!
Bare in mind I had a big beautiful glass of wine and 2 cookies right before doing this so that's why it's a little wild :)

Here are just a couple of regular pencil sketches in my art journal. I haven't kept up with that for awhile! I enjoy it but I have trouble coming up with deep, motivational 'words of wisdom' as so many others do. I envy them and that talent!


Anonymous said...

They look adorable!

Michelle said...

Yes they do.

I am a terrible art school I was my teachers despair.