Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm having one of those days....*Whine alert*

My self-doubt monster is hanging around today. I'm not young enough, pretty enough, thin enough, fit enough, smart enough or talented enough.

I think I just need spring to pop in soon and bring warmer, sunnier days and new possibilities. Winters get so long here.

I just received 250 business cards and 100 plastic sleeves and backing boards for prints. I don't even know if I'll ever sell a print! haha Good thing I can sell supplies on etsy because I know I would have only ordered 10 if I could.....just to test the waters, ya know? Noooooooooo, I had to order 100 (ONE HUNDRED) I tried to think positive and say, 'yes! you will get prints ordered and you will sell them!' But today I just look at these new supplies and think......'pffffffft' The economy and this time of year is hard on Etsy from what I hear and I remember from my Ebay years it was like that there too.

In times of layoffs, high prices and economic panic who the heck buys art? I really wish I knew of something else to make/create that was a necessity that others needed and wanted and it also filled my need to create art at the same time. I saw somebody is selling moonpads
Maybe I could make some hand painted ones????? haha

Oh, I'll keep thinking because I know there's an idea out there. I just have to be patient and the whole thing will come together.

Here's what I did with yesterday's sketch..........

Hope you like it :)
Sorry if I depressed anyone....but thanks for letting me vent a little♥


Lisa said...

honey, honey, honey- your art is unique and truly beautiful - it speaks to the soul.
To create that sort of work, you must indeed be a special person and the only problem with that is that so often we cant see that ourselves.
The truly excellent thing about grey days is that they make the white days so much better.
Your work will sell - this witch says so !!

Lisa xx

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Thank you Lisa! My mother used to say something similar 'If it weren't for the valleys in life we'd never know when we were on the peaks'

Thanks so much for reminding me of that! You're so kind. You're my favoritest witch of them all! :)♥

Shonna said...

I totally agree with Lisa! I also have the same kind of days as are not alone!!!!!

Michelle said...

She's my favourite too.

This image is lovely.

I know what you mean about 'the' idea.....sigh

Blog Artists said...

I am feeling your "DOWN"...I know how you feel...but don't give on connecting with the World out there,your girls are beautiful...
Keep's so worth doing what you love doingHope you're feeling better today.