Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another 17 lb. stepping stone

I'm trying to get some special orders done.....I'm slowly getting there. This weekend I need to go paint on another rock. It's a memorial stone for a recently lost pet :(
Next will be some canvases and 3 cream cans.

Not quite sure when I'll get it all done, we have a wedding to attend this weekend, a trip to MN to visit my younger brother next weekend and another trip to MN to visit my oldest brother and see a Twins game the following!

I think this is the busiest summer that I can remember! It makes it go so fast though which makes me sad, but we're having fun!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

12 x 30 Canvas

I wanted an art piece to go on the wall above the new daybed and I found many that I LOVED...but I got cheap and thought I'd just paint something myself :)

The sides are painted black and as soon as I get my mattress and can finish the room, I will share it with you all!!

Here is my living room, finally all put back together. I'm very happy with the carpet and the new couch. I hardly dare spend time in here now......but of course, Mieko doesn't appear to have a problem with it. haha

Have a super day!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family pictures

This is Dale and me :) We are NOT married but we've dated for 4.5 years now so I just had to include him in our special photo shoot.

Here are my three boys! Josh, Ryan & Derek

My daughter in law, Jeni...we got silly!

Derek's family.....Jeni, Cailee, Nora & Cutler

The whole shebang!

My new couch and daybed are scheduled to arrive this morning :) I hope all goes well!
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Believe it or not, I found time to pick up a paint brush!

A friend asked if I could repaint a large wooden sign that she had in her garden for years. It was originally an Amish design with a simple design of a girl/boy. I 'should' have taken a before picture but again....I spaced that out!

Last night we got together in a local park to take family pictures. I hope they turned out! I will share what I can as soon as I can! We all wore white shirts with Khaki shorts/pants. Even the fun! This is me waiting to go and join the fam!

I bet you're wondering about the carpet update????????? Oh, it was crazy! You might recall that I spent 2 nights working like crazy to get all the stuff packed away, old couch hauled out and ripping up the old carpet. I was all set that Thursday, waited patiently for the installers. They didn't show up! :( Turns out there was a little mix-up! The carpet was still in a freight truck not even to my state yet! I ended up living in total chaos for a week but the carpet is finally in.

I'd like to take pictures of my living room after my new couch arrives so you can see the final, completed room! We picked up my new couch once already but this is what we got!

Yes, a couch with a karate chop to the back frame! SOMEBODY must have dropped it 50 feet or ran into it with a forklift and didn't bother to inform their supervisor and let it ship out with boo-boo completely hidden by bubble wrap and plastic! There's no way you could damage a couch like this and NOT have known :)

This remodel is having its bumps but hopefully we'll get it done and soon. Rumor has it I should have the new couch and daybed this Wednesday! At this point, I'll believe it when I see it but I suppose at some point I need to be optimistic, right? ha!

Have a super week!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Carpet boys are coming!

I'm so excited!!

But what a lot of work to get ready! I got less than 2 days notice :) I ordered it a week ago and was told it would probably be 4-6 weeks from order to install. NOT! Here is my kitchen in its current condition. Poor Mieko has no bed to lounge on at the moment and is reduced to being a normal dog, using a rug. He's totally out of his comfort zone. Can you tell? ha!

I can still squeeze in my office to post this blog but it's snug!

Here's my living room.......all ready for the new stuff! I can hardly wait. What a disgusting job tearing out old carpet and padding can be. Yuck! Not sure how old it was but I've lived here almost 6 years and I'm guessing it was a good 10+ years old when I got here.

My bedroom.....almost ready but nowhere to move the bed for now. I plan to have them do my living room first and then move this in there. I know what some of you are thinking......'hardwood floors!! why cover them up!?' Believe me, when I moved in and removed the old carpet in the bedrooms I was THRILLED to see the floors! But I soon discovered they were much harder to keep up (especially with a dog) than I had thought. Carpeting will just be nice again :)

Here's my spare room with a loveseat and antique china hutch. Again, I'll be following the carpet dudes from room to room to keep up!

This is the couch that matches the loveseat in previous photo. We bought the set at an auction a few years ago. I never liked it a whole lot but we (Dale) got into a bidding war and couldn't stop himself. It wasn't until it was ALL OURS that we realized we had bid WAY too much on it. Upon closer inspection it was not nearly as nice as it looked from across the auction hall :)

We had to take 3 doors off just to get it in the house and I knew I'd probably never get it out again unless a chainsaw or sledge hammer were involved. The sledge hammer won and we went out and bid farewell with a little bit of help from the fire bug in me!! I could NOT believe how quickly furniture burns!

Sorry the painting updates have been few and far between these days. Between our trip to Oklahoma and now this, I've just had my hands full. I'm hoping to get back into the groove here soon!

Have a beautiful day and watch for 'after' photos to come :)

Today would have been my parents 54th wedding anniversary! She dreamed of Hawaii for their 25th but went to heaven instead that year. Quite honestly....I'm sure it's much better :)
Love you Mom & Dad!