Saturday, December 24, 2011

From my home to yours….


and from my heart… yours Smile


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Are we all swamped?

Or is it just me? Boy, the past 2 weeks has been crazy busy, but I guess, this just comes along with the season Smile I seem to be one that rushes and rushes to get things done at the last minute instead of taking my time and learning to enjoy it more. That’s my goal next year. I’m going to start much, much sooner!

I’ve done a little more pyrography/painting and I’m really getting hooked on it!

Here is a 12 x 16 Pine board that I’ve done for an upcoming charity auction.


I actually sketched and erased so much on the wood that it was throwing me off as far as putting together a new design, so I covered the entire piece with 1” squares of scrapbook paper and then started over. I burned the whole design onto the board and then painted her. The message on the house is from Hebrews 13:2

“Do not neglect hospitality for through it, some have unknowingly entertained angels”

I love that verse!

Here is another, 12 x 12 piece of pine:


I need to seal her and then she’s going to my Etsy store.

Hope everyone is doing ok, sorry I’ve neglected my blog visits and hope that everyone else is so busy they’ve not been able to update much anyway Winking smileThen I won’t feel like I’ve missed so much!

I’m hoping to get back soon, but if not, MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all!!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

12 x 12 Wooden Canvas with BEESWAX :)



It’s so scary to take a piece that I already really like and put beeswax to it, but I did it and I LOVE the dreamy, hazy look it gave this piece!  I’ve been working on this one a little at a time and finally decided to just finish it up!  I think I’m the queen of procrastination these days?

Below is an example of what sketching on a ‘low self-esteem’ day can bring out of me Open-mouthed smile  I don’t know but lately I swear I see a new wrinkle, a new age spot and more hair in the sink after styling.  It’s quite depressing!  I’m getting the ‘why even bother!?’ mentality.   When I feel bad about myself, I don’t take care of myself very well either.  The diet is full of crap, very little healthy, good stuff these days.  The worse I treat myself, the worse I feel about it.  I see therapy in my near future if I don’t snap out of this and get a grip! 


Saturday, December 3, 2011

This year's Christmas Card

I know people like receiving photo cards at Christmas but when your kids are grown and out on their own, it's just easier to paint something than to try and line everybody up for a picture :)

This is on watercolor paper and I punched little snowflakes out of some tin foil to adhere.

I ordered through Their prices are pretty reasonable and you can pick from so many designs! Also....they take payment through paypal so that was a nice bonus!

I've been fighting an awful head cold this past week. I don't know which is more chapped~ my lips or my nose! ugh :( I'm starting to come around and hopefully I'll muster up enough energy to decorate for Christmas sometime this weekend.

Hope you are all enjoying a cozy, lazy Saturday morning like I am :) I LOVE my weekends!