Saturday, February 14, 2009

Off to the salon

I need to tell my very sweet and talented stylist today that since I can NOT take her home with me she's going to have to give me a style that I can manage. I leave there usually very happy and amazed that I can actually have a 'cool' hairstyle and not the normal frump-a-do, but within 1-2 weeks I'm lost. My hair has a mind of it's own, I swear! I just had my hair cut 6 weeks ago and it's looked out of shape for 4 weeks already. $35 for 2 weeks of somewhat stylish hair is too much for my little checkbook.

Maybe I'll get the Susan Powter style? :) I WISH I could look good with that, how easy would that be to deal with each morning?????

I've got another sketch done and I'm hoping to get to work on it tomorrow.

Have a super Valentine's Day everyone!! ♥♥♥ May you give and also receive real love today and every day!


Jenn said...

Good luck! I know it's so hard. I usually go with a new magazine clipping every time.
Happy V Day!

Lisa said...

i keep it short for just that reason- it still costs $55 every five weeks, but it is always managable and always looks like a style...
Lisa x