Monday, November 15, 2010

What inspires you?

I received one of those beautiful emails today with the power point pictures and wonderful wording to go along, you know, the stuff that really makes you think.
One of the phrases/quotes was: 'Aspire to inspire before you expire'
I just love that!
It got me thinking about all the things that inspire me. I'm inspired by a smile or friendly gesture. I'm inspired by someone's committment to something they believe in. I'm inspired by someone's thoughtfulness and kindness. I'm inspired daily by all the artists who share their work, talent and time via the internet.
I'm inspired by others intelligence and knowledge. I'm inspired by others' ability to forgive. I'm even inspired at funerals when I hear all the wonderful things that the late soul did that touched so many and I hope there will be something nice to say when my time comes :)
I'm inspired by others' courage when facing things in life I'm just not sure I could handle.
My children inspire me. My 3 beautiful grandchildren inspire me. My friends inspire me.
Oh boy, the list is endless!!
What inspires you?


rachel awes said...

your painting is beautiful!
oh...a sampler of what inspires me..
snowflakes falling on my tongue
a surprising love letter
the smell of rain coming in the air
shared big laughter
a spontaneous heartfelt hug

Kelly Berkey said...

darla, what a beautiful painting and post!

let's see,

i'm inspired by happiness, by people who live life to it's fullest.
i'm inspired by you!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

The eyes in this painting are hauntinly beautiful! I can't imagine how you painted them..amazing! You are inspried and you inspire us every time you show us what you create!

WrightStuff said...

What lovely colours in that face. Well, I have to confess that you and other wonderful artists inspire me!

SugarberrySensations said...

**YOU** inspire me Darla, and I mean that with most sincerity! =)

You are amazing!

This post was beautiful and the painting knocked my socks off!!!!!
It is AMAZING, those colors are gorgeous!!!!

L ♥

Tara said...

Love that quote! I've saved it where I can see it. :) And thanks so much for stopping by earlier.

Diana Evans said...

Oh Darla!!! this is beautiful and what a perfect quote!!!! your work always inspires!!!!

Artist Terri Smith said...

Oh Darla..what a Lovely Post! What an even Lovelier Painting! Love it! Sweet Friend, Sure Appreciated your kind visit today. Sending you a Heartfelt Thank You. And Yes, I'm surely on the mend. And I want to say Your post lifted me even more. Such wonderful words of encouragement and inspiration! Sending You Hugs of Glorious Georgia Sunshine, Terri

Micki said...

Beautiful painting Darla!!

I agree so many things are an inspiration to me also, including you and your lovely blog, I do believe it is nearly 2 years now since I first 'met' you in blogland, how time flies eh?


Micki x

priti.lisa said...

I hope you know what an inpiration you are, Darla. I love your list, and I know God is smiling because you noticed how wonderful life really is :)

Createology said...

These are very wise words and thank you for sharing them. Your painting is wonderful. Happy inspiring...

Nicola said...

Hi Darla, what a lovely post! I LOVE this piece, you have such a wonderful quality in your work I don't know what to call it but everytime you paint something it's so rich and beautiful it really draws me in!
So in answer to your question, you are one of the many wonderful artists that inspire me to try new things and push myself. I'm inspired by strong determined people, kind compassionate people and people who are happy :0) thanks for getting me to think like that today it's good to be reminded about these things :0)

Cathy Bueti said...

Darla she is beautiful! I love the colors and her hair!! So pretty!

Thanks for your comment on my abstract! I was so nervous posting it! :)

Janny said...

This is gorgeous and inspiring!


Wow Darla - this inspires me - your work is awesome!