Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I tried different colors while doing this girl's face last night. I did a VERY light coat of watered down dioxazine purple on her face and then shaded with raw sienna. It was kind of scary to not start out with 'normal' flesh tone colors but it worked in the long run I think!

I've decided to put together my own 5 x 7 watercolor paper journal. I think I'll experiment more and on the back side of each piece I might do a little multi-colored background and do a little journaling as to what is going on in my life (head) at the time I painted the front.

We have ZUMBA locally in town again and we had our first official class last night! Our new instructor, Kate, did an awesome job! She's newly certified to teach these classes. There were 30+ people there and I just know it will grow even more! She may need to even find a new location if it gets too crowded. What a wonderful 'problem' that would be, huh? I was driving 80 miles round trip to take classes for most of the summer but had to quit during harvest time as I was busier at work and it was harder to get there in time. It will be nice to have classes right here but I will definitely miss the wonderful new friends I made up at the Y :(

Have a great Tuesday!!

p.s. Thank you for the wonderful comments regarding yesterday's post. It was sad and I really do want to keep things positive here but sometimes~ well, things just happen that need attention too♥


Micki said...

She's beautiful Darla!!

So sorry to hear about what happened in the last post.


Micki x

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

If it's possible...your girls are getting more and more beautiful every painting! Love her face colors and the warmth of her cheek..sooooo pretty!

priti.lisa said...

Wow, Darla, if you blink, you miss something on your blog...I can't believe how talented you are...I am amazed!

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

For some reason I missed your previous post, and just wanted to tell you these things make me sad too. I feel for that family, how horrible it must be :-( Your girl in that post was so beautiful, really expressed how you felt. That's important, your dealing with the feelings ...
This girl, of course, is beautiful again, because all your girls are !

Zinnia said...

Darla, this piece is absolutely amazing. So much beauty is captured her. oxoxo Zinnia

Rona Gregory said...

Darla, she is gorgeous!

Ro xx

Kelly Berkey said...

she is so lovely! you are one of the busiest women out there, keep it up! xo