Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time flies!

I hope I'm not alone here but do you find yourself, on Sunday evenings, thinking.........'ugh, Monday again!' I do! Not that I don't enjoy having a job to go to but I just love my time at home being able to do whatever I feel like doing! It might be cooking, baking, but usually~it's painting :)

Then before I know it, it's Thursday and the weekend is almost here again! Where does the time go? I need to stop wishing for the weekends and just try to enjoy each day and make the most of what it brings. The days go fast, the months go faster and before long the years have flown by as well and I'm left wondering 'how did this happen!?'

Here's to slowing things down a bit and appreciating each day...even Mondays♥


Cathy Bueti said...

Wow! Darla this is amazing!!! I love the blue hair and her eyes are incredible!! The background colors are lovely.

I know what you mean, time goes so darn fast! We all need to slow down and enjoy the moments!

PS. . . thanks for that link! I will be sure to check it out. I am in a few classes now but it looks interesting!

Iris said...

Ironically I actually quite like Mondays, because there's usually quite a lot to do so I don't get bored. But then around Wednesday the midweek blues set in and I start longing for the weekend. I'm grateful though as I run a business with my husband, and although sometimes work is a bit boring or I'd rather be having time off, I no longer experience that 'work dread' I used to when I worked for an employer.

And yeah, I also think time keeps going faster as you get older! When I was a child, a year was a huge amount of time, let alone a stretch of 5 or 10 years (that was like a lifetime!). Now the years just fly by!

SugarberrySensations said...

I could not agree more Darla!
I am SO THANKFUL for my job, but yearn for the days that I use to be at home, taking care of my house and family!
I want my house to be clean, organized and smell good every day (from the food that I'm cooking).
I want to 'see' my family out the door, I want to be there ready and waiting for them when come through the door, and I have dinner waiting. And we all sit at the table every night and eat dinner together, something we never do anymore! =(
Let's make an effort to encourage each other to enjoy every day to it's fullest and not wish the weekdays away for weekends!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh..I am so with you on this one...and it get worse as you age. I really look forward to the week-end and like you, I am thankful that I have a job to go to but.....I wish I could do less time at work. Not happening quite yet..
I feel guilty when I feel that way, but I have worked for 45+ years and I'm pooped! When work is slow..all I can think about is what I COULD be doing at home... :-(

Createology said...

I love her blue hair and sparkly eyelashes. The sentiment is true for me too except I have not worked in over 2 years and I am just finally enjoying my Sunday evenings without dread of the work week ahead! I do think I am enjoying each day for it's own merit so much more now. Happy weekend to you my dear...

Poetic Artist said...

So true, sometimes we wish days away. Then one day we wonderful where did all that time go..
Love your blue hair girl. I always love your art.

Diane said...

I so hear you!! I try to slow down the time--but it still just flies--love, love, love your lady!

Rona Gregory said...

Oh wow! I L. O. V. E. this!

Do you know, when I stopped work I thought "Oh goody I'll have time to bake and paint..." and so on. So do I get it all done? does it feel like I have more time? NAH!In fact I seemed to get more done when I did go out to work!!!

Can anyone please explain how this is??

Enjoy your weekend

Ro xx