Saturday, August 15, 2009

Work in Progress

Here's a little peek of my newest canvas. I haven't listed a new canvas on Etsy in awhile so I needed to get busy :)

So far, I'm fairly happy with this one! I really wanted to capture a cool bark technique on the tree trunk with crackle but it didn't quite work. It's super shiny and I'll need to distress it or try something new. I plan to add some foliage around the base of the tree and little leaves off her new branch.

I want to add some wording such as : 'Trust in your ability to grow' or 'Never doubt your ability to grow' etc.

Off to a birthday party today and then we're going out for supper and drinks with my brother and his wife who are in town visiting. We got rain last night! YES!

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend! Remember........sign up for the giveaway :) The drawing is tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Oh this is fabulous so far Darla and I adore the "trust in your ability to grow" aspect - it really speaks to me!

Enjoy you party and weekend!

Faith said...

I love this painting she has red hair just like me hee hee. Its beautiful I so enjoy seeing what you are painting.

Tara said...

Pretty! The photos show how much detail you've put in when you click on them. I find you have to put the crackle glaze on thicker than you think to get even half the effect you want! Also how do you do those cute hearts by your name?

Cris said...

Very neat painting! I like the idea of the tree stump. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love the picture of your grandson with the "special stickers" ha ha

Serena said...

it's looking wonderful, darla! i like the connection with the words you're thinking of adding too.

have a great time at the party!

priti.lisa said...

I love the idea of being 'rooted'
This will be your best yet!
Lol at you grandson. Reminded me of my son,running out of th bathroom with a tampon in his undies, yelling "oh no everybody, I got my period" He was not even 2 then.
Now he is 19 and would be thrilled to know I'm sharing this :)

Anonymous said...

Darla, she is all a glow! Great tree trunk idea, I am so looking forward to seeing her progress! Thank you so much for sharing!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Thanks everyone! Tara, to put the hearts on I hit the ALT button and the number 3, kind of at the same time ♥ :)