Thursday, August 6, 2009

Marie is having a Renee Bracelet Giveaway!

How absolutely awesome is that???!!!
Marie from Art from my Heart has made a beautiful bracelet in honor of our sweet friend, Renee!

Please drop by Marie's blog to check this out! For any of you that have not been lucky enough to discover Renee, this is your lucky day! She's a wonderful woman. Please go read all about her!!
You'll feel blessed to have found her as I do♥



Zinnia said...

Awwwwweeee! It's beautiful! How special....! Going now to visit her. oxoxox

Marie S said...

I think I love you Darla, thank you! Do not forget to post your link to this post on the giveaway post for another entry in to the giveaway. Whew what a mouthfull. LOL!
Thank you sweety!
Maybe together one person at a time we can change our lives!!!
Love and hugs.