Thursday, August 13, 2009

A little pouty today

I'm sure it's because I'm just tired.......every muscle in my body hurts and it's been in the 90's but man-oh-man~ I'm hosting my own little pity party today.

When I was out busting concrete 2 nights ago, my neighbor's boyfriend was over mowing her yard. Last night when I'm wrestling with 8-60 lb. bags of cement mix (that's almost a quarter ton!) my neighbor's boyfriend was over washing her car.
I started to wish I had a boyfriend.......then I remembered. I DO! Where is he? He knows I'm working, and yes, it's hot and no I didn't demand he come and help me, but couldn't he show some interest or concern and maybe pop in to lend a hand?

Dale's not one to verbally communicate 'love' very well. As if it's uncomfortable or silly, but he's always shown love in other ways. But last night I had to wonder. I really did.

I WILL get this project done and I WILL have the pride in knowing I did it on my own. And as soon as the muscles in my shoulders and arms return to normal, I'm quite sure I'll FEEL great about it all♥

Who needs a man........not me I guess :)

Sorry for the downer post, I'll be back with puppies and rainbows soon! I promise!


Tara said...

You go girl! I know what you mean though. Sometimes you just need a man to do some chores for you. Thank you for always saying such nice things on my blog by the way! I really appreciate it. :)

Mary said...

You go right ahead and have your pity party, they happen!! :) Sometimes we just need to vent!!

I would be a little perturbed myself!!

Is the patio big??

Pam Warden Art said...

Well, you found the puppies in my post at (sorry for the infomercial, but it will only come up at my other site otherwise and I'd like more people to find Faith Folk.
Your boyfriend may be the type of personality who needs to be asked. My husband is very helpful, but I have a friend like that. Most times I really don't feel loved by her, but I guess they live in a different world than us touchy feely types and though it sounds like an excuse, I guess it is cuz it's all I can come up with. It's certainly NOT biblical. Can you ask him to pay more attention? Well, glad you have the strength do what you did. I'm falling apart and could never do such things anymore.
Thanks for the visit on my blog.
Blessings & LOVE,

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Darla,
I admire your enthusiasm!
Maybe you could hire a young, fit, handsome young man(real eye candy) to do the job.

Dale might be around to keep his eye on both of you and offer to help out. lol

BumbleVee said...

it's damn well time to hire a guy..... if the boyfriend isn't up to it or into it or whatever... maybe it's time to trade him in. I think I had to kiss about a 100 toads before I found the frog prince .... now I just help a bit with the hammering, grouting, lifting drywall etc. He calls me his trusty little burro..and my name is Leverage... I'm always on the other end of a board or motorcycle engine..etc.... but, at least I don't have to actually do it all ... and all by myself... I would baulk.. or walk......

Zinnia said...

You need a big hug {{{{{Darla}}}}...! Venting is good. Not all men are very good around the house. That's the time to hire someone in to help you. I'd come over and help but I think I'm too far away. Darn, we could have lemonade in between whacking the patio!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Right on Darla! You can do it! Wishing you a fast project finish! Thanks so much for your sweet visit!

Lisa :)

Diana Evans said...

oh Darla!!! If I was closer I would have helped you out!!!

and you can have a pity party whenever you need one...we are all here to support you!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I don't blame you one bit! Once that projects completed perhaps your next will be to find a boyfriend whose not afraid of love or support. ;-) Hang in there! ♥Sharon

anni said...

Sometimes men need a "to do" list and they are ok with it. Sometimes they just need you to ask them for help. Usually their response is pretty good if their loved one remains positive too. I hope you get feeling better, too. Looks like from your last post, you are feeling better.

Silke said...

I am so glad you are already feeling better today! But sometimes we just have to have a pity party and that's quite alright! I think you are super woman!! :) Hugs, Silke

P.S. Make sure to come by my blog for my giveaway!

Serena said...