Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Talk about DUAL personalities!

One minute I'm out flingin' a sledgehammer (GOOD GOD THEY ARE HEAVY!)

and then I need to take a break.........

so I paint roses :)

and sweet expectant mothers. Sometimes women really do it all? No, I am more than willing to accept that I would like a big, strappin' young man over in my back yard right about now!

These paintings are for the August ATC swap. One card was to have the theme 'birth'.

Ok, back to the basement to cool off a bit and work more on my princess and then I'll have to go outside and put on my construction worker hat. It seems easier to break this job up a little. Pardon the pun! LOL



Utah Grammie said...

Isn't it amazing what we women can do when we have to? Yep, construction, crafting, cooking and, and and and..
Keep cool, don' throw your back out and enjoy your paining - we sure are :-)

Bobbi said...

Hi Darla, gosh girl you sure do alot! Hey, if you find a nice strappin' man ask him if he has a brother, then please send him over to me. lol I sure do have lots that needs to be done and a man to do them would be great!
Your paintings are sure fantastic...as usual! Very beautiful work! I hope that you have a great rest of your day, just try not to do so much...ind that man to do it for you!

Silke said...

Hi Darla, you go, girl!! Sledgehammer and paint brush... nice! What you are doing with the sledgehammer, we need to do in our backyard. But I think we'll wait until it's not so hot anymore. Your ATC cards are wonderful - love the expectant mother!! Hugs, Silke

Michele Lynch Art said...

Oh boy, I can so relate! You go girl! You know there's nothing we can't do :o) xo Michele

Micki said...

Love the ATC you did, i've not started on mine yet, maybe will today though ;)

Micki x

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Hi ladies!
Thanks for the support! Women Rule! haha
Thanks also for the nice comments about the ATCs. They really are fun to do.
I finished the concrete dig last night, found no bones of interest, so I'm going to fill it in tonight with quikrete and hopefully be able to lay down my carpet this weekend! Can't wait to be done :)

Mónica Zúñiga said...

I so relate to you and I know what you mean we do many different things even in one day only! We work, we create, we learn, we work more, we clean, we are amazing women! :)

I loved your roses, they look sooo soft and beautiful! I wish I could do that!
I love your new artworks!

Zinnia said...

Gorgeous art, and sweet mother of pearl....great demolition! You are multi-talented. I hear that song in my head W-O-M-A-N!