Friday, August 28, 2009

So how's my diet going you ask?

It went well for a week (which is typical) and then I resorted to my old, bad habits! I got over my love of fresh veggies quickly.

But I had fun this morning on putting my face on the body I'd LIKE to have! I'm thinking about printing this out for motivation. But in reality, I'm 50 years old and everything appears to be sagging. Even my eyes, which I've been told are one of my best features, are tired and sagging. So sad.........but I'm alive. That's what I hold on to. My dream of having a great figure and looking beautiful was hard enough to chase when I was in my 20's, so I'm surely not going to catch it this late in life!

My new goal is to try.....just try eat healthier, move my behind 3-4 times a week and learn, more than anything, to accept who I am and be happy with myself. That is unbelievably hard for me. I've spent so many years......wasted so many years...wanting to be better if not someone totally different from who I am. Again, so sad.

Tonight Dale and I are going to make a trip to Hankinson, ND to see Randy Travis in concert. He's a favorite of Dale's and his daughters chipped in and gave him a pair of tickets to tonight's show. They are all joining us too! Should be a great time!

I'm hoping to paint a little this weekend. I have designs brewing in my head, just need to find the time to get them out :)

Happy Friday,


Mary said...

We put so much pressure on ourselves.

Why do so many of us fall into that trap?

Darla, don't you know you are beautiful??!!

Eat healthy yes, for your health.

Have a blast at the concert!!!

Silke said...

That is such a good plan - live healthily if and when you can and love yourself no matter what. When I think about what my body does day in and day out without me having to ask and no matter what I feed it or how I treat it - I am in awe! What's not to love?! And what are a couple of extra pounds?! You are beautiful!! Have fun at the concert! :) Silke

Marie S said...

You are beautiful Darla, I always think that when I see your picture.
I can totally empathize with you.
It is not easy being 50+ in our society. I have been mulling this over for the last year myself.
Good luck with it, but to me you are beautiful.

I will cheer you up if you need it.
Have a great time at the concert.
Love and hugs.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Bless you all! I struggle many days with these issues but your kindness has totally lifted me up today ♥
I need to learn to be a little more kind to myself as well. I will try!

Renee said...

Please Darla don't waste more time on that shit. If it is for beauty, well you are more than beautiful.

Have fun at the concert.

Love Renee xoxo

Serena said...

You look beautiful to me, Darla, but in saying that, I do identify with how you're feeling about your own body image.

I stuggle with getting older and everything heading south....the problem is that I feel so young in the mind but my body has other ideas. I've always been super thin all my life but, since around 45, it seems that my metabolism has slowed right down and I've gone up two dress sizes. I too am trying to eat more healthy.

My Painted Things....and more said...

You are beautiful girl!!!....I know how ya feel, 50 is creeping up on me too. I am thinking about learning to walk on my hands so everything goes north again...LOL!!I guess ya just gotta go with the flow.....:)