Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm back and not so refreshed :)

Well, after this little mini vacation I was hoping to report that I had a SUPER great time and have lots of awesome pictures to share with you. Soooooo not the case.

Dale and I have dated now for 3.5 years but have never spent 3 days (was supposed to be 4!) together and I think we both learned quite a bit about the other. I learned that he's not really one to see the wonder in things like I am. I've seen Duluth before but I still find it interesting. He, on the other hand, has the mindset that once you've seen it, it's not really all that thrilling to look at it again. THAT would have been good to know beforehand! ha Oh, and Duluth was his choice I might add.

The first night was very fun though. We got a room downtown and we roamed around and popped in on several different little pubs. We got to hear a cute little Irish band playing and I'd share pics and the video had they not turned out so DARK! I was excited enough walking around to capture 2 pictures. That's hopeless but here they are!

I thought this was rather funny!

I made Dale pose by this massive vine covered building. This was early on and he appeared to enjoy this trip.
Ok, that's it for my vacation pictures.

So, in a nutshell, we arrived mid-afternoon Thursday and had a great evening. We woke up Friday and couldn't really agree on what to do. I finally suggested that if we were not going to take in any of the 'DULUTH' sites or activities, we could just as well head on out and road trip somewhere else. He jumped at the chance. We decided to drive over the bridge into Wisconsin, just to see what was there and so that I could say 'I WENT TO WISCONSIN ON VACATION'.
We got there and he told me there really wasn't much to see there unless we drove into the middle of the state so again, we left.

I suggested perhaps we head over to St. Cloud or Brainerd. He asked 'what's there to do there?'
OMG.....it was about this time I wanted to strangle somebody but I held back. We took country roads over to Brainerd, I could barely keep my eyes open...the excitement of this trip was unbelievable. hehe

We stayed in Brainerd, it rained, we were in bed early. On Saturday we worked our way over to Alexandria, MN where we stopped in to visit my brother and his wife. THAT was nice. We laughed about our fiasco of a vacation and I told Dale that I remembered a vacation when I was very young.....I was in Oklahoma with my parents visiting my great grandmother and I became so ill I was hospitalized. They thought I had a leaking appendix so I had to spend the entire night with an ice pack on my abdomen. I think that the hospital vacation STILL topped this one :)

Instead of going home Sunday we headed straight for home after we left Alex. It was SO nice to be in my own bed again. Dale learned that I can be a little pouty if I'm bored and I learned that I should never, EVER go on a 3+ day vacation with him without making sure he has his anti-depressent pills along. He has always maintained that he really doesn't think he needs them but admitted he must because he feels much better now. hmmmmmm drugs helped or dumping me off helped? This is the question I'd like answered!

Missed you all.........and I'm working on a giveaway for my next post! My next post will be number 200 and I have 150 followers so I'm THRILLED beyond belief with these numbers and want to give back. You have all meant so much to me and I enjoy you taking time out of your lives to pop in and say hi!



ellie said...

Darla...I'm sorry your trip wasn't what you were hoping for....but I gotta tell you, your delivery in telling the story totally cracked me up! lol oh, I've been on trips with people like that before...eesh. lol

I must say that I love the "Last Place on Earth" photo...that's just begging to be inspiration for a work of art.

fun post...thanks!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Darla,
Oh dear, That does not sound like a fun road trip to me, poor you.

I'd be taking his pills along with me everywhere from now on and maybe slip them into his drink along the way!lol

Kick your heels up, now that your back home.

Nicola said...

Oh Darla, I'm sorry your trip wasn't what you'd hope it was going to be. I did however enjoy reading your story. I think you should create some works of art from this experience I'm sure you could come up with something very creative!!! Well I'm glad you're back and look forward to seeing your next works of art. 200 posts!!! Wow I'm up to 82 now and didn't think I'd get that far. I love coming to visit and look forward to your next 200!! xxx

Annette Q said...

Welcome back Darla,
Oh, such a shame. And vacations are supposed to be fun! At least your home now and I'm sure that soon you'll be able to look back and laugh:-) Thanks for sharing your two "vacation photos" with us! lol

Sarah Lulu said...

A holiday away is a good time to find out about each other isn't it?!

Maybe you would be better off going away with a girlfriend or two ...

Zinnia said...

why do men get grumpy on trips? I never could understand that. It seems the more fun we have looking at this and that, the more they get grumpy. Maybe they want to be the center of it all? lol!!!!! Sounds like you tried to make the best of it though!
And, I agree...You ought to make some art works about this! That would be a hoot!

Renee said...

har har har love it.


risa said...

Wish it had been a funner trip for you! I haven't been to Duluth in years (I'm in St. Paul)but I know there's plenty there that entertaining...should have ventured further north a few hours to Tofte, Grand Marais...road trips should be an adventure...I guess yours was one of sorts! Just remember...

"there's no place like home"

Serena said...

OH dear, I guess the trip turned out to be a learning experience instead of fun. Next time, take the pills! lol I'm glad you're back and congratulations on 200 posts!

Nice pics too ~ :)

Anonymous said...

Oh My gosh Darla,
You are hysterical!!
I have had many vacations like what you have described.. Life just takes turns with us.. well, and actually.. our hubbies do!!
I wish you had came to Wisconsin, Tell your hubby.. I LIVE IN WISCONSIN and I would have love to have you guys over here..
Love you photos.. !
Hugs, Darlene