Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Journal Pg 6-My vacation

Don't know why I have her arm reaching out....maybe she's looking for the eject button in her fancy 'loaded' Impala LT! haha
Gave her a blue complexion....that was kinda fun and different! Kind of fit my mood :)


Michele Lynch Art said...

Gorgeous! You have been doing some seriously fabulous artwork!! You're on a roll!! xo Michele

Marie S said...

Darla she is just beautiful. I love the scrolly work coming from the eyes. Wonderous eyes. Just Gorgeous!

Nicola said...

Love her red hair, and the look on her face she does not look impressed ;o) x

Anonymous said...

I love her tattoos on her face, she is probably waving her arms because the tattoo is still new and helps her feel less pain,lol! She is dreamy!
Thank you so much for you're caring message. I am going through a solicitor at the moment, it is taking such a long time.
Angel steps all the way!
Have a great and wonderful day!

Michelle Eaton said...

You do such great art work :)

Serena said...

Another beautiful piece, Darla!