Sunday, November 1, 2009

Who said BOO to you?

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

This is my oldest son, Derek and his family. Derek has always loved dressing up with his kids and this year it was a family event!

Derek as Billy Mays

Funny, he called me later and kept sneezing and apologizing so I asked if he was getting sick or it was allergies. He was pretty sure it was just allergies and then said, 'Well I put mascara on my beard to make it darker~maybe that's causing it?'

Jeni as the Progressive commercial girl:

She looked so cute!

Here's Cailee (10 yrs) as a hunter who got mauled:

Nora who' just wanted to be something bloody'

And little Cutler the Ninja!

And finally, this is Duane. He is a two year old little boy that Dale's daughter (and family) are in the process of adopting. He's Ernie! I missed seeing him in person but Mickey sent me a pic on my cell.

He's precious and I can't wait until it's official. They've fostered him now for 1.5 years so he really is already family♥

Remember the time change? I forgot but luckily my bedroom alarm clock is automatically set by satellite :)

Having my kids for dinner today. Something I should do way more often!
Have a wonderful Sunday,


Diana Evans said...

Hi Darla!!!! these are great photos!!! what a fun Halloween and so cool that they all dresses up!!! what a riot...

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!


Micki said...

Aww looks like you all had a great time!
Kayla is feeling a little bit better today, her fever has gone but the cough and cold is still there!!

Micki x

Silke said...

What fun Halloween photos! I loved seeing how everyone dressed up! Such fun! And little "Ernie" is too cute!! Hugs, Silke

Marie S said...

Your kids look great Darla. Some of the best costumes I have seen so far. How fun!!
Have a Wonderful sunday!

Utah Grammie said...

The grands are adorable ...of course..but the grown kids? too too cute - what clever minds to do a "Commercial" Halloween :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a darling family you have Darla and I LOVED all the costumes!! They're just wonderful!!♥

SugarberrySensations said...

Oh Darla, these pics are just THE BEST! OMG - what a family, what a wonderful family - I love it all!!!!!
Did Derek ever get over his mascara allergy?? That is soooo funny!

What a beautiful family!


Renee said...

How lucky to have such a wonderful family.

And the grandma, well she is the most wonderful of all.

Love Renee xoxo

Michelle Eaton said...

They all look great! What fun!

Serena said...

What a gorgeous family all decked out for Halloween!

All My Yesterdays said...

Great fun had by all! I love that people dress up. We can all be kids!

Mundo Mundaca said...

Sweet Darla.. was I of fallen chin when I translated this text... the other day when I came here I saw the pictures and did I find them very beautiful but as I don't understand English and do I have to use the translator I didn't know that that boy was his son... as he can be his son????.. did you have him with 10 years of age????.
They are all beautiful ones and they seem a happy family.. whole so smiling.
you are a woman of my a lot of luck dear friend. ah!.. I didn't understand who is mickey... I also have a mickey in my life.. he is my only son.
Enormous kisses.

Staci said...

Awesome costumes!! They are great.