Friday, November 20, 2009

Pudgy Bird of Gratitude~Journal pg 14

In doing last night's journal page, I searched extra hard in the background to pull out something other than a girl. I was just in the mood to paint something different and I found a fat birdie :)

I painted and stitched up a Christmas ornament also, but I'm having trouble accepting it as completed! It's tea-stained muslin quilted with a denim back. Any suggestions? Should I do some decorative stitching around the edges, or sew trim or sequins on? Or is simplicity best in this case? He has a sprinkling of diamond dust (tiny glitter) on him, not sure if you can see this in the photo.

(Design inspired by Jamie Mills-Price)

My oldest and middle sons (Derek & Ryan) went out to western ND hunting yesterday morning and Derek got his mule deer! He sent me a pic and I thought I'd share. Mule deer tags are harder to come by so he was excited to get the chance this year. I'm glad he had a successful hunt. I WISH I could find the photo of when he got his very first buck. He was 10 years old and he got it with his bow. His little pic was in the local paper. Since his Dad has basically been the one to lead him down the hunting road, I'm sure that picture went to him after the divorce :)
You'll have to take my word for it, he was beaming and so proud.

I'm not a hunter, actually I feel sorry for the hunted, but my kids are good hunters and I respect that they do things the right way. Their Dad taught them the rules and ethics of hunting ~ I'll give him credit for that :)


luthien said...

oh ... little pudgy bird is totally adorable!! i love him!! and the snowman ... OMG!! he's my man!! i think the ornament looks great as it is ... cos i like rustic :) but yea... some stitching patterns or sequins would give it a little burst of energy :))

Brown Sugar Babies said...

I've always loved everything you paint Darla - these are no exception. I'm a city girl, so I don't know much about hunting ... but that pic would make a great portrait!!

Utah Grammie said...

"tis the season to be pudgy! Love him - and the ornament is perfect :-)

In My Sepia Studio said...

Darla, it's great that you're keeping a journal. I think I'm going to start one...again...!!

There is nothing worng with hunting. You know the saying..."give a man a fish, he eats for one day, but teach a man to fish and he can eat forever"...or something like that. :)

Jennifer said...

LOVE Pudgy Bird!! :)

I think the ornament looks great the way it is.

I'm sure you son was so proud after that first buck! He should be proud of this one too... I'm thinking by the look in this picture... he is! :)

Micki said...

Gorgeous painting Darla, I absolutely love ALL the birdies you have painted!!

Micki x

Anonymous said...

Love the bird art Darla. Your birds are just as beautiful as your girls.
Everything you create is!

Renee said...

You are too funny.

Your son is handsome and the bird you did is awesome.

I love the decoration. I love sparkle and would add a little more maybe around the top.

But it is lovely either way.

Love Renee xoxo

Nicola said...

Hi Darla that bird is so cute! I love the colours you have used, so rich!! Beautiful! And the snowman is gorgeous! You are so very clever!!!!

Flor Larios Art said...

For me simplicity is best!

All My Yesterdays said...

Snowmen are simple creatures....I love him as is...and the FAT bird is awesome too!

Serena said...

OMG...your little pudgy bird is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE the background!

Sometimes, our kids follow paths we'd rather they didn't but, as mothers, we support their right to choose their path and I commend you for that, Darla. I've had to support my son recently on a new path he has chosen. As far as hunting, like you, I feel sorry for the animals and don't really see it as necessary in this day and age....but....if your sons were ever caught out in the wilderness, at least they would know how to hunt for food.

Serena said...

Ooooops, I meant to add that I think your snowman is lovely as it is. :)

Charlie said...

Oh the bird is so cute!
I think the ornament looks great the way it is. I've got an itching to sew again especially after seeing this. teehee!
Oh and being from Texas my family does a lot of hunting too. I feel like you.....I really don't want to do it but completely understand why it is a loved sport.