Sunday, November 8, 2009

Commission piece complete

Small pic but you can click to enlarge a little. There is a buck and a doe towards the right and I think it's safe to assume my wildlife won't be making it onto any US postage stamps :)
I realized on my first WIP that I had the tree shadow completely backwards so I had to try fix that. I seem to do that quite often!

I woke up with a headache, stiff neck and stuffed sinuses :( It's supposed to be a nice day and my plan was to get outside and do a little yard work before the snow flies. Might have to save it for spring! I feel a lazy, cozy, couch crashin' kind of day coming on!!

Take care,


Vicki Holdwick said...


This is simply beautiful. What a lovely, lifelike painting.

Sorry you aren't feeling well today; hope that changes quickly.


zoe said...

i love the animals! they really look poised at the edge of motion. good job with the shadow, it looks completely natural--i never even noticed it was backwards :). beautiful!

luthien said...

oh darla!! this is simply magnificent!! you really made the meadows come to life! and man ... i have goose bumps just by looking at it! you know i really love country scenes like that and i have a vivid imagination and can actually imagine me inside your art! this is lovely and the deers are really lifelike and pretty!

Micki said...

Wow Darla this is amazing! seriously good work!! Love it.

Micki x

Tara said...

Turned out really nice! Hope you feel better soon. I had an episode like that this week. Felt terrible, but only lasted one day. Hoping the same for you...quick recovery.
Kick up your feet and relax!
Hugs from Texas.

Utah Grammie said...

It's the coolest thing I ever "Saw"..ahahahahaha! Couldn't help really is wonderful. Now take it easy, OK?

priti.lisa said...

Darla, the deer look realistic! you did it! what a neat idea for a "manly" gift!
I love that the sky is creamy yellow...perfect!

I was behind in blog reading and when I saw Verna Ann's story I quickly added a link on my blog.
I saw you had 42 comments to that post...with all the people praying for never know, miracles happen and doctors aren't always right...Love, Lisa

Renee said...

It looks fantastic.


Mundo Mundaca said...

This painting this AMAZING one and I am the sure that will be wonderful exposed in a prominence place!.
I wait that you if it feels better.. it drinks a hot tea and rest.
God blesses you.!

Diana Evans said...

your commissioned piece is amazing Darla!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Darla this came out beautifully and honestly you are your own worst critic! Absolutely GORGEOUS work!!♥♥

Jennifer said...

Darla... this turned out so beautiful! I *love* it!! Hope you are feeling better! :)

Silke said...

Darla this is sooooo beautiful! Wonderfully done!!

Serena said...

This is beautiful! Your landscapes are awesome, Darla...I love the use of light and shadow and there's a great sense of distance too. Well done! Years ago, my Dad was clearing out the shed and he was throwing one of these old hand saws away. I kept it for the purpose of painting it one day.....that still hasn't happened. Maybe with the big studio move, I find some motivation to get back into my painting.