Sunday, June 21, 2009

Three custom orders done!

A local bank asked me to make this for someone who helps them remove snow during the winter.

These two are for a family reunion coming up July 4.

These really do make wonderful and personalized gifts (stepping stones) but boy, they're getting harder and harder for me to manage when painting them. They measure 12" in diameter and 2" high~they weigh 17 lbs each! Not only are they hard on me to physical move around to paint, cement is very hard on brushes so I try to use 'not so new' ones on these.
I'm seriously not sure how many more of these I will do at the current price I charge. They are a lot of work and it might just be time to up the price a bit to make them worth it :) I've made over 100 of these in the past 6 years. I wish people would fall in love with lighter weight paintings from me. ha!

I'm off to buy new grass seed. Rain is coming! Yeah!


maledilla said...

wonderful to get a lovely present like this. I love them !

Have a great week !

Serena said...

they're all lovely, darla! forgive my stupid question but, being cement and heavy, they are obviously not wall decor so i'm wondering how they are normally displayed?

Silke said...

Oh, these are beautiful. Such gorgeous detail! Everyone will love them!! :) Silke

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Serena, not stupid at all! These are stepping stones for a garden. I totally forgot to mention that, haha!
I went and edited my post.
Thank you for your comment and thank you also, Maledilla!

Michelle Eaton said...

How cool are these! Such a great idea :)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Darla,
Oh, I can see why the cemment stepping stones are popular. yum
I was reading an old painting magazine the other day and Jo Sonja suggested to times the item by five to come up with a sale price.
Hm, not sure if this would apply to your stepping stones, and the magazine was printed at least a decade ago!!!!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful, very personiled, such a great gift idea. Can se why they are popular.
Shame about the wieght. I have a box painted in a similar style upstair and I love it. Shapped like a milk churn type box. Egg/green/blue, then these type of flowers. It is a true gift you have.
I think we are attracted to your flowers and insects. All your art is awesome!
I am going to have a look at your sales. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I am especially attracted to your girls eyes and there soft colours.
To paint beautiful girls and flowers!

Your awesome!