Friday, June 26, 2009


It was a sad day yesterday and this little angel is 'worn' out.
For the life of me, I can NOT get a thumbnail to appear on IF's site. I've tried everything I know. If anyone has a tip they'd like to share, I'd gladly accept it with open arms♥

This is a previous sketch I had done and never painted up. I thought of her right away when I heard the Illustration Friday word for the week :)



Hi Darla
To make a thumbnail you have to cut a small part an save with 72dpi no larger then 0,50 inches I guess, or put on a program like some adobe on "save for web" for minimaze more your petit dessin.
I had once that same problem, anyway lovely angel yours!!

Nicola said...

Very appropriate for the theme!!! I had the same problem last week and I don't know why I was doing the same thing I've always done. I'm hoping this week it will work. I've had trouble in the past and I've emailed the help page and they replied so you could try that??

Anonymous said...

I hope the sweet little angel has her happy place in the thumbnail size. She still has very sweet eyes.
Hope you have a great weekend Darla!
All my love!

Rhomany said...

Well apart from the obvious instructions they already give you, I had trouble because my program defaulted to .JPG instead of .jpg. Why the capitals would make a difference on the file extension I don't know but it fixed my upload problem.

Michelle Eaton said...

Great take on the word for IF. It would look great painted.

I have not been doing IF for very long so I can't help you with the thumbnail problem sorry. I hope you get it sorted.

Serena said...

What a sweet angel....I hope she gets her burst of energy soon ~ :)

ArtSnark said...

she does look worn-out

Utah Grammie said...

She's beautiful - and with such a sad week- she's very relevant,too.

Pretty sketch :-)

INDIGENE said...

Oh, no the angels can't get worn out! Lovely line work!