Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brie Cheese and the Monster within

Oh, how I love me some good brie cheese! It's such a treat! I over indulged on Saturday and have been paying for it ever since :(

It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand and I feel like a bloated whale! I'm starting to think these detox plans might just be what I need!

I STOOD and painted the monster in my belly last night. She's different huh? wow!

She's saying to me......'Why? Why? Why did you eat the brie you stupid, silly twit!?"

Sorry for the 'not so beautiful' post today, the monster made me do it.


MagicMarkingsArt said...

:) Love the way you have painted your overindulgence. My husband and I went to a wine tasting last night, and I felt the same way :)

Anonymous said...

No more Brie for a while.
I am trying to detox at the moment, eating more fruit/berries and porridge and have noticed a fresher feel.
Hope you feel better soon.

Strawberry Girl said...

Actually, its a very interesting painting, I like it quite a bit. (Though I am sure your tummy monster didn't like the inspiration).

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Darla,
Oh dear, your painting is very descriptive of how I feel when my tummy bloats.
Have you tried De Gas, they can be bought over the counter from any good chemist.
Or Mintec which is pure peppermint oil in a capsule.
I'm feeling for you!

Kelly said...

Oh no...
I love Brie cheese too. Thankfully,so far,it leaves my stomach in peace.
The thing that 'kills'me now is cold cereal and milk. And chocolate gives me wicked heartburn...which doesn't seem fair at all.
Hubby and sons eat all sorts of 'toxic' combos like green chile burritoes with hot sauce and then icecream for dessert and they're just fine. So not fair.

I love this painting. I posted on willowing that it was haunting...before I knew that it truly was. :^)
feel better...

Michelle said...

That is one cool painting...very evocative


Sharon said...

She may be different but oh how I love her. She has a story to tell.

Michelle Eaton said...

Oh I love Brie cheese it is one of my favoutits. Hope you start to feel a bit better.

Great painting!

Poetic Artist said...

I really like your tummy monster piece..She is quite lovely.
Glad I found your blog through another.

Nicola said...

Hahah!! Brilliant!!! What a great idea of painting your monster within....I'd hate to see what mine looked like after I over indulged on a few beers with the hubby last weekend......I like the different style with this one! The colours are great too, very haunting!

Silke said...

I LOVE brie! So much!! I can understand the overindulgence feeling! The resulting painting is really cool! I love it! :) Silke

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh, poor more Bie, it's truly one of my faves too.
Hope you feel better soon!
Thanks for commenting...with such kind words as always:-)

Jennifer said...

I think the painting is neat!! Just wanted to let you know I am going to add to your list of awards! LOL I see you have many, but you are so kind to visit my blog and leave me comments... I had to give you one more!

Renee said...

Not so beautiful post, are you kidding.

I love love love the picture. Fantastic job.

When I was on one type of chemo I got lactose intololerant from it and so I know how you feel, it was brutal.

I of course will let you know when I'm down there.

By the way if there are any great art and craft shows coming up that way please let me know.

p.s. I love brie too. Have you tried boisson; it is a goat cheese and is delicious.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Serena said...

Would you believe I've never had Brie cheese.....maybe it's just as poor thing. I do hope you're feeling much better now.

I'm not dairy intolerant but I'm thinking of cutting my dairy intake right down as I've put on weight since going back on dairy.

Wonderful painting! :)

Renee said...

Your stones look great and very pretty.

I have to tell you though, I have come back here a few times to look at her.

I think you are totally onto something big time here.


Love Renee xoxoxo