Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rhubarb Jam ...and some ramblings

I was very proud of how I used my time after work yesterday. I LOVE summer and that it stays light outside so much longer! I took Mieko for a 3 mile walk and it was beautiful!! We went down towards this new addition where there are only 2 homes built so far. Way around the bend, tucked in behind the cemetary, (yes, cemetary, how charming?) was the newest home. The owners haven't moved in yet as it's not quite done. I walked most of the way until I saw a white van parked on the street. White van, no windows. I had several CSI episodes flash through my head and turned around. That would be the perfect place to abduct someone because the residents of the cemetary aren't going to come forward as witnesses!

I kind of chuckled as I left because this is Mayville, ND. A town of 2000 people and almost everybody knows your name and I believe also, what size shoe you wear! However......we DID have a meth lab bust this past Monday right outside of town. THAT doesn't happen often, THANK GOD! All these bad people can go back to where they came from because we just do not grow 'em here like that :)

When I got home, I picked rhubarb and decided to make some Rhubarb Strawberry Jam! I ended up making 2 batches because one recipe only made a little over 2 pints! Here's the recipe if you'd like :)

6 cups diced fresh rhubarb
2.5 c. sugar
1 pkg. strawberry jello (3 oz)

Cook the rhubarb and sugar on low, stirring pretty regularly. After it comes to a low boil, let it continue to boil for approximately 12 min. ( I took my hand mixer at this point and mushed it up a bit) Remove from heat and stir in jello mix. Stir well and place in sterilized pint jars. Store in refrigerator. I read where this recipe freezes well too, so instead of sterlized jar, just put in freezer containers.

Then I made 2 loaves of zucchini bread. The people who own our hardware store let me borrow their little garden tiller over the weekend so I could get my garden tilled up. That was so nice! I love to bake but if it's around, I EAT IT! This is a nice way for me to get to bake AND say thank you all at the same time.

Have a wonderful day!


Jenn said...

That sounds like a yummy day!

Renee said...

Darla you did all that after work.

Now I really feel like shit. I barely moved off the couch except to make myself tea.

Sounds awesome and is encouraging me to wash my hair.


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Awwwwwww Renee! I didn't mean to make you feel like that! If I did that much every day it would be no big news, so obviously me doing this much was blog worthy :) LOL

Silke said...

Oh, you are making me hungry!! It all sounds wonderful - and so productive!! :) Silke

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I love rhubarb especially with custard, Mmmmmmmmm!
My grandad solly use to grow rhubarb and he would snap one for me, wash it and give me some sugar on it, Mmmmmmmm! I am drooling now,lol!
Special fruit, thank you for sharing.

Hope you manage to have more lovely days and feel refreshed!


Jennifer said...

OOHHH... your rhubarb jam sounds so good! I just put some rhubarb in the freezer last week... might have to use some of it for this.

Serena said...

I remember my Mum used to make hot rhubarb and custard for dessert....YUM!!! Thanks for recipe, Darla...we are in winter now so hot rhubarb desserts sound just perfect.

I love walking! I had a giggle at your thoughts re. the white van because I probably would have thought along the same lines. lol

BumbleVee said...

Do you ever make apple cobbler? I like to add rhubarb to that especially the fresh new stuff in the spring. But.... frozen can work too in a pinch....

Off to check out your blog a bit more.....