Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well......since I turned 50 this year!

I thought I'd paint the traditional RED HAT girlie! SHE doesn't look 50 but then, do any of us? NEVER! hahaha

And another little experimental piece in watercolor, acrylics and ink. It turned into a gel pen doodle extravaganza!

Ok, back to watching The Biggest Loser. Boy, there sure are some cryin' men again this season!


Angela Recada said...

Happy 50th! Welcome to the Red Hat Society!

A Dancing Mango said...

You just keep coming up with these great themes..
Very sweet.. and she does look older..as you see the hollowed left cheek!
Happy 50th to you deary!
Darlene.. :-}

Utah Grammie said...

She's sooo pretty - you have an amazing talent..those eyes and all of the eyes on your "girls" are just hauntingly beautiful..

allison said...

Happy 50th Darla! :)) I wish you the best, joy,peace and health .
I lve the girl with the red hat is so glamourous and beautiful!! :D

SugarberrySensations said...

Good morning Darla! I agree with 'A Dancing Mango' that you keep coming up with such awesome themes, and I also agree with 'Utah Grammie' that you have an amazing talent, and your girls' eyes are hauntingly beautiful!!!

Nicola said...

Lovely gorgeous ladies Darla!!!! I'll have to try those gel pens I've never used them but I'm loving the effect that you have created!!!! Fabulous work!!!

Codys Keepsakes said...

happy 50th....don't you just love gel pens...I love the doodle one and yes there are alot of crying men on the show this year....lol

Julia Finucane said...

That hat is great. Happy birthday!

Michelle Eaton said...

Beautiful paintings. Happy 50th!!!

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

They are soo lovely! The experimental one is my favorite! She looks wonderful! Love the softness in her eyes! And Happy 50th, Darla and many happy returns!!!
Lots of love, Sanda xx

Quilt Works said...

Congratulations on 50! Many happy returns!

I am so pleased I discovered you! I am a follower now - you do lovely work, I really like your style and your commentary/approach!

I hope you will have a chance to visit my blog as well.

Serena said...

I turned 50 earlier this year too and didn't even realise I was the eligible age to be a Red Hatter til I read your post...hehehe LOVE your paintings, especially the one with the red hat ~ :)

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Love..love...LOVE your 'girls'! And..no, she doesn't look 50.

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Darla!!!

Love all your work you've posted this week!!

50 just means we're getting better and better at LIFE!

Hope your day was awesome and glowing!

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

Thank you sooo much, Darla!!! It really means a lot to me! And SURE I didn't think like this about you!!! You are such a sweet, sweet person that I appreciate a LOT! :)
Lots of love,
Sanda xx

Renee said...

Oh Darla thank you for all of the love and support that you have shown to me and my family.

We will miss Sheldon always, and you are right, he will always be with us.

Love Renee xoxo

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Thank you all so much! I think I might have confused a few though, but not on purpose. I actually turned 50 in May but so many of my friends/classmates are turning this year that I painted this for us all.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes though.....it's like having a birthday twice! Love that!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Your red hat girl is so warm and wonderful. I'm right behind you a few years ;o) Have a wonderful 50th! Your gel pen doodle girl is my favorite! Really like her! xo

Diana Evans said...

Hi Darla!!! Happy 50th!!! these new pieces are wonderful!!! you are creating so many great paintings!!!!