Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shhhhhhhhhh don't tell

My kids are great about sharing my ex's fresh corn with me! Today I froze 10 pints of cream corn and 3 pints of regular corn. Another shipment coming in tomorrow~shhhhhh

Last year I was given enough cucumbers to make some bread and butter pickles! :)

I also put two loads of laundry out on the line today and did a little house cleaning. I feel wonderful! It's such a warm, cozy feeling that I get every fall. I LOVE autumn!! All I need now is to bake an apple pie but my apples aren't sweet enough yet. To be continued...........


Anonymous said...

OH Darla,
You are so darn cute.. !
I just love Fall as well.
I laughed at what you wrote about the b and b breakfast .. lol.
Yes, it looks yummy!
I think we are going thru the nesting syndrome in fall, preparing to harvest, cut, can , bake, decorate, and dream.. what fun hey? Hugs, Darlene xo

Annette Q said...

I know what you mean...that Autumn feeling, the desire to take out those woolly jumpers and snuggle, I love it!!! Unfortunately, still too hot around these parts!

Anonymous said...

Oh bless your children, still sharing the love! So sweet of them. Don't worry I won't tell, he, he, he!

Tara said...

Oh how funny! Wish my ex had something my kids could round up for me, hmmm, only thing they bring from him is troubles! LOL...
Sounds you accomplished a lot this nice weekend.
Hugs from Texas. Have a blessed one.

Mary said...

I love, love fall!! I know the calendar says September, but yesterday it was in the high 80's and sticky!!!! Although last night it cooled down and I re-arranged things a bit on my front porch!! :)

The corn looks fabulous Darla!!!