Monday, September 28, 2009

I want a laminator! And craft show update

Can anyone help me in making the decision to purchase a laminator? What is best, is it worth it or just easier to take things somewhere and have them laminated for me? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!! ♥

The craft show went 'ok' for me but not exactly what I had hoped. Only 4 items sold but I guess it's better than nothing. I don't think the items I did really fit in at this craft show and perhaps sales are better when the artist is actually present?

I also donated the snowman painting to a charity auction as some of you may recall. I knew it would go on the silent auction and not the live auction as I've become very used to that. There is one artist who does fantastic watercolor painting and he always donates paintings of the university so he's pretty much the only one to get his items on the live auction as they bring in the big bucks.

What I wasn't prepared for was the starting price they put on my painting. $10.00. That was a little deflating. It was a 16 x 20 framed painting. Someone else donated 3 jars of homemade pickles and they also started at $10.00. My painting sold for $50 and the couple who purchased it thanked me and were so excited to get it and that is what matters most. I just don't understand though how these committees can set the starting price so low....they obviously have no clue about the time and love that goes into our paintings. But like my friends said, 'it doesn't matter so much what they started it out at, look at the bids now!' Two years ago, at a different auction, a donation of mine started out at $20 and I felt bad but now that's down right flattering! haha

Anyway, after this weekend I seriously started wondering about my painting abilities. I had several smaller canvases that I totally destroyed yesterday. They haven't sold for almost a year (some were early pieces that I was too embarrassed to even try sell!) and I didn't want to throw them so what I did was cut the canvas off (it was mixed media, loaded with beeswax) and now I have wooden frames. I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but I'm kind of leaning towards experimenting with fabric art of some sort. It actually felt good to throw things and get rid of them. I want to start fresh.

Well, it's Monday and I have lots of work on my desk here so I better get busy! Hopefully I can blog hop this afternoon :)

Have a great week!


Micki said...

Your art is gorgeous, don't you ever give it up lady!!!

As for recycling art canvases, this is something I do quite often when I decide I don't like something anymore or it's not sold after a while.
If the canvas is destroyed I either stretch fabric tightly over and gesso the hell out of it or put a piece of thin plywood over the front and fill any nail/screw marks with wood glue!!
It works for me ;)

Micki x

Jennifer said...

I think craft shows are a place where art just isn't appreciated. It seems like people are looking for bargains! I stopped doing them because of that. I always left feeling down. :( But we shouldn't feel bad, some people just don't know what real art is!

Cindy said...

Hey Darla - your work is great! Don't let a committee define your art to you! It is only a matter of time before your work is recognized...I do think that "Art shows" and "Craft Shows" draw different crowds, but it is great to get your name and talent out there!

I am getting a little bit of the same feel for this coming weekend's ArtsGoggle - even tho' it is geared more towards 'artshow', I am thinking that I, as an artist, may not be adequately prepared...the "inner critic" is at work I think, and it is a lot of work so what if it doesn't "pay off"? I think I need to try to blog some of this later on!!!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Darla,
ah, I've also been there. I donated a lot of art pieces for a guy. They were having a fund raising night for surgery for him, so I was very generous in my donations. Then they just about gave them away as if they were toilet paper. Hm, can be delflating. Don't they say "artists children will be rich" An artist becomes famous after they die. lol

As for the laminator(not sure if you have same brand in US) I've had an IBICO, Pouchmaster for years without any hiccups.

Recycled canvas-I like your idea of multi media. How about covering the canvas with lace, using Impasto Gel, let dry and paint over. Works a treat. Check my older posts for an idea.

Nicola said...

Hi Darla I have to agree with Micki 'don't you ever give it up lady'. You are and have been an absolute inspiration to me since I found your blog and I love your work. I think you're right some people just don't understand how much work goes into something.

I'm about to donate a piece first time ever to my sons Twilight auction, I know it's not quite the same as an art show but I'm nervous non the less I'll just be happy if someone actually likes it. But you have taught me to put myself out there and give it a go.

Michelle said...

It can be frustrating and demeaning sometimes...but you know, whenever you sell a piece and it makes someones day it kind of balances it all out.


priti.lisa said...

Darla, I take my laminating (book markers) into the UPS. I think she puts 7 on a sheet and it costs @ 2 bucks. Plus, it's one less machine to cater to and gather dust :)
I Love your Art, you make me jealous sometimes. I feel your pain, and since I have a show coming up next week, you've really taken the edge off
At least the snow(wo)man went to a good home!
xox, Lisa

Utah Grammie said...

It's just a slump you're feeling - sometimes I think it's the change of not. ever. doubt. your. talent.!!

If we could have a measure for dumb people, it would be going off all the time. Especially "committees" ..

The lucky couple that DID get your painting are sooo happy and feel so proud..and so should you.

Now, go paint. Make something of those frames. And know you have a God-given talent that's meant to be shared..

OK, the soap box is ready for the next commenter...

Sonny said...

Oh...DO NOT DESTROY anymore of your art!!!! Your works are LOVELY...just like you. It broke my heart to read that you destroyed some tonight. It is hard breaking into the art world, so hang in there.

What are you looking for a laminator for? I apologize if I missed this part in another post. =/

Thinking of you and wishing you the best! **hugs**

Serena said...

It's so sad when the work, effort, and love we put into a piece is shot down in minutes by people who really don't understand its true value. To echo what Micki said, 'Don't ever give up on your art, Darla'. While it may not be appreciated by some, know that there are many more out there who DO and WILL love it. Have are a very talented artist ~

Michelle Eaton said...

Hi Darla,

I recently bought myself a laminator. I like having one at home so I can use it any time, and they are only cheap to buy. Mine does a great job and it was about $50AUS.

I know how you are feeling about your artwork. I think we can all get like that at times. Your work is wonderful though and I don't think you should give up on it.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Awwwww, thank you all so much! Yes, sometimes the inner critic is loud enough for me and when a weekend like this past comes along she seems to scream :)
I won't give up on art, I love it too much, but I may give up on donating to certain organizations. Or if I do I'll donate some of my canned salsa. haha I didn't tell you, but the 3 qts of pickles sold for $70. Yeah. Seriously.
Sonny, I thought a laminator would be fun to have to make some bookmarkers, etc. I might just have some made first and if I like them and others do too, THEN it would be worth it to possibly buy my own.
Thanks again lovely ladies!!

Renee said...

No Darla, don't question your artistic ability. You are fantastic.

What if someone didn't like the way you looked, would that be more about them are you.

I love your work. Have faith, you are fantastic.

Love Renee xoxo

SugarberrySensations said...

Hey Darla, I forgot to ask you - what do you want to do with your laminator?

We have one here at work, and I love it!

♥ L

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Whenever I donate original art for auction...I donate and leave.
That way...if it doesn't go for much..I am none the wiser.
I have been thinking about having some bookmarks laminated too...I didn't realize that UPS would laminate at such a reasonable rate...I think I'll try a few and see what happens.
So much info right here in the comments section!

I found at my last show...the buyers were all over the $1.00 least it covered the booth fee.
But..we had pretty good success with art pendants too...not so much on original art.

Hang in long as you like what you've really is all that matters.

All My Yesterdays said...

Darla, I'm so late getting to your posts this week but please listen to everyone and know that you are worth so much more than anyone at any auction could ever realize! I love your painting and so many of us do.
Keep painting!!!And don't let anyone ever make you feel *deflated*!