Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have a FUN weekend in store!

I missed the Fargo Moorhead Visual Artists Studio Crawl last year but I'm going to go this weekend!

If any of you watch HGTV's 'That's Clever' you'll know how fun this will be for me! It's like the show, only live and in person! In fact, several of these artists have actually been on the series!

Area artists let people come into their studios, ask questions and watch them work! How awesome! I think it will be just what I need right now!

My only prayer is that I don't fall in love with a new form of art such as pottery or jewelry making because I do NOT have the funds to jump head first into another hobby right now! LOL

I'd like to also take a moment and thank my wardrobe angel for somehow making me choose a somewhat decent top to wear to work today. Since this is a bean plant, I rarely dress too fancy. But today, I actually look nice and who walks in the door? A photographer! It wasn't PEOPLE magazine but it is a fairly popular publication in the regional edible bean world. LOL He asked me to stand next to our huge logo on the wall. ugh!

I'm all set to paint tonight! Clean area, mowed the lawn last night so there is nothing to stop me!
We shall see...I think I've said that before :)

♥ Darla


Mundo Mundaca said...

Hi Darla,I think that it is day by day so entertaining the way that you write on yours and your art... already did some days that I didn't pass for here and I am very happy of having come.. I saw many new and very beautiful things.
a great hug!

priti.lisa said...

Darla, have fun this weekend, sounds like a piece of heaven. I am going to look for that show, HGTV is the best, but they don't have enough On-Demand. Design Stars...my fav reality show, but since it's over I have an extra hour each week. (bright side)
Oh, since you are a celeb, can I still visit in my PJ's?
xox, Lisa

Silke said...

Darla, your weekend sounds wonderful! And how fun you get to spend tonight painting. I have that planned for tomorrow. We shall see... Hugs, Silke

Utah Grammie said...

Oh I can sooo relate to the "Jump right in" thingy! Have fun and just keep asking yourself....*WWCD?

*what would Colleen do? NO No don't listen...be strong! And then...spill all the beans to us!!

Mana Moon Studios said...

Oh I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend! It sounds like so much fun!!

Hey and you gave me a great idea - trading supplies with other artists, lol! Might work for us starving artists... what do you think? ;-)

Jennifer said...

That sounds like so much fun... do tell us all about it!! Your new paintings are so cute!

SugarberrySensations said...

Hiii Darla, wow, I had checked yesterday morning and didn't see any new posts, then tonight, what a treat to find them all! :o)
You will have so much fun on the crawl, and you NEED to go, so don't talk yourself out of it! K?! I loooooooove your new girls, and the cards, you are just soooo TALENTED!!! And thank heavens for that wardrobe angel when the photographer showed up! You have to post a picture of it on here, once it's out! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥