Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some wonderful pics & a birthday!

My oldest son Derek and his family recently had their pictures taken by Real Life Photography here in Mayville. I just love these!

Cailee-10 years

Nora-6 years

Cutler-2.5 years

The whole family!

This photo just makes me all warm inside! Derek & his wife, Jeni.
Bless them all!

Also, it's my late mother's birthday today :) She would have been 72!

Donna Jeanne died at the age of 44 from the side effects of a prescription drug for her rheumatoid arthritis. 6 months from diagnosis to leaving us. I was 22 and have missed her ever since.
Happy Birthday Mom!!! Love and miss you.....always!


Tes said...

Priceless! Those shots are clear vivid and simply beautiful!

Silke said...

What a gorgeous family! I especially love the picture of Nora - what a laugh!!

Incidentally, today is the anniversary of my mom's death. Similar to your mom, she was only 48 when she passed away and I was only 21. I realize how very young she was as I am now in my 40's... Here's a birthday wish for your lovely mom!!

Hugs, Silke

A Dancing Mango said...

Beautiful family, how very sad about your mother. OMG.. It is so sad to lose a family member. I lost my brother to a horrible death.. he was 44 and was my oldest brother.. I miss him so much... He was multi-talented, kind, loving, sensitive.
He was killed on the streets for his jacket. Uffda!
hugs, Darlene xo

Mana Moon Studios said...

What a beautiful family you have Darla both with you in life and spirit!

Nicola said...

Beautiful photos Darla your mum included!!! xx

Michelle Eaton said...

The photos are beautiful. What a wonderful family.

Your Mum was so young. I am so sorry that you lost her at such a young age yourself. Happy Birthday to her :)

linda cardina said...

your pictures and family are so beautiful! i really love the pic of your special. thank u for sharing, darla.

SugarberrySensations said...

Oh Darlaaaaaaaaaa, Happy Birthday to your BEAUTIFUL mother, I know how much she means to you!!!
And the pictures of your family, OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! They are BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I can NOT believe the kids are that OLD already - it seems IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! That photographer is just AWESOME! He/she captured such wonderful personalities from each and every one of them!!!!

Priscilla Mae et al said...

I love the picture of your Mother. What a lovely picture.

Priscilla Mae et al said...

I love the picture of your Mother. What a lovely woman.

Renee said...

Sweet Darla this made me cry. I love the pictures of the kids and then to see your Mom. I remember when you told me of how she died. It still makes me mad.

Love Renee xoxo

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Your mum has the most beautiful eyes. She must of been such a special lady and miss her so very much.
Your family photos, wow, they are gorgeous! What treasures, all of you!
You are all so very beautiful!

Diana Evans said...

Hi Darla!!! these photos are amazing and I love the photo of your Mom...Happy Birthday to her and I know she is looking down and smiling with all you do...


Serena said...

What a beautiful family!

How sad about your Mum passing away so young, Darla. (((Hugs)))