Sunday, May 31, 2009

Carla van den Berg - WOW! and a little sketch

Here's a sad little girl I sketched last night in my journal.
"Why" does it hurt so bad.

I recently discovered this artist on you tube. She has a huge assortment of mixed media techniques and it's really fun to watch her create!

She also has a series of videos called the Traveling Painting. 7 artists each add their touch to a canvas and it's fun to see their creativity and imagination and how the painting turns out.
Sorry this video shows up twice!


Gifts of Creation said...

Hi Darla!
Your sad girl is so cute! thanks for sharing the video.

Michelle Eaton said...

That video was great to watch. Thanks for sharing.

Love your sketch. You have inspired me to start sketching more and get more of my ideas onto paper.

Michelle :)