Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!!

It's a beautiful, sunny morning and May 1st takes me back to my childhood memories of waking up and finding a little decorated dixie cup full of candy on my front step! It was so mysterious and fun!

Now I realize my Mother was probably doing this but she never did admit it. I was left to just wonder who my secret admirer was, but it was fun! And, well candy first thing in the just can't go wrong on any level with candy! :)

A week ago I attended our church rummage sale and found a few surfaces to recycle. Here are 3 small frames, very thick frames (will stand out about 2" from the wall) but tiny prints. I tried painting angels on a black surface, something I've never done. I can get rather anal when trying to shade skin and the faces in general and this was a good experiment for me. I tried to just let it be a little more rustic and/or primitive.

I painted the frames black and then distressed them a bit. I think they look pretty cute in a grouping :)

Our small town newspaper comes out once a week and today I found this!

There it is, my auction donation piece! ha! Ok, so it's a small picture and it's on the back page but it still kind of made my day♥

Have a super weekend everyone!!


Micki said...

*Yay* you made it to the paper ;)

Your angels are lovely on their own, but grouped together they are something very special indeed!

Micki x

KeKe said...

I think they turned out great!!
Your mom started a great tradition. That was a sweet story!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making the paper.
Love those frames, they have a really old, weather beaten look to them.

Michelle said...

Oh very nice!

Anonymous said...

How brilliant your art looks in the news paper. Congratulations!
Love your little angels also, they have really sweet beautiful faces.