Monday, May 18, 2009

Are you ready for this?

Saturday my family and friends decided to throw me a surprise birthday party :)
This first photo is taken right at the beginning, I'm laughing and just so tickled that they'd go to all this trouble!

Later, after a glass or two of wine, I have pom poms tucked in my front jacket pockets and posing with my two friends that I've had for 38 years! Love them! We had the fire pit going so this picture seems a little hazy, probably from the smoke.

Then we have the bright idea to head uptown and celebrate some more. Karaoke! I always said there wasn't enough booze in a bar to get me singing. Wrong!

I don't know who stuck these on my face, but it's amazing how someone who hates having their picture taken will pose in circumstances such as these.

I actually turn 50 the end of this month so this was a total surprise. I LOVE my family and friends and I will get them back with all my heart. I promise! hehe


Inspiration By Karen said...

Happy Birthday! Late~ I've lost touch with you since I dropped Entrecard! I love your art and I am hoping that you are doing well! I have been busy doing crocheted baby clothes for ladies that I got orders for from a baby shower I went to I am getting back to my needle felted sculptures!
Have a great week~ ; )

Renee said...

I love it, especially the picture of the glasses and the line about the picture and the glasses.

Happy Birthday. 50, you are a baby yet.

By the way, you are gorgeous.


So exciting and what a great family and friends.

Love Renee xoxo

Micki said...

OOh looks like you had a lot of fun!

Thanks for your comment on my blog!
My email adress is on my blog profile, send me an email with your email address and i'll get the tutorial sent to you tomorrow sometime ;)

Micki x

PBsArtStudio said...

Awww! Happy Birthday.. looks like you had fun!Good for you!~P

Jennifer said...

It looks like you had an *amazing* time! How sweet that they gave you a surprise party. Happy early birthday from a fellow 'May baby'!

Zinnia said...

Awe Happy Birthday! How nice to be loved and appreciated, and how nice to have friends and family that know how to have a good time!

Susan Wymola said...

Oh Geeze, I thought I missed your birthday!! Looks like you had fun..
You are so preety!

Vania said...

Wow, what a beautiful smile you have - sounds and looks like you had a grand time - excellent!!!- happy birthday for the end of the month. Hugz Val xxxooo

Jen said...

Oh Happy birthday, the pics are gorgeous!!!

I posted some photos this week of myself with my two school friends of 38 years also, and also us doing karaoke!!! Wow, freaky.