Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Softball and paper clay (work in progress)

Ok, so back in the day when I was painting primitive items, I stumbled across an ebay seller with 10 softballs for sale. I just knew I had to have them and my plan was to paint on them and make primitive bowl fillers. Well, that never happened.

After taking a cloth and clay doll class I decided that maybe I should play around a bit with making heads. I discovered there is just no way to make a 'cute' face on a softball, not for me anyway. So I've exaggerated the features and will paint him up when and if he ever dries!

Not sure if I'll attach huge petals and make him the face of a sunflower or what. I need to think on this. He also will need a body but he might just have to be a sitting or hanging head if I can't come with that part of this grand plan either. hehe

I know he's ugly, but I still wanted to share :) He needs love too♥ He needs the most love actually. LOL


Michelle said...

He's adorable, I love his lips! Darla, thank you so much for my blog award will post it as soon as I can on my blog.

I am so impressed that you have so many jobs and have the time and energy to create. I'm always crying that I dont have time and I only have ONE job! You are a big inspiration to me!

Michelle :)

Silke said...

Oh, wow, I love him and don't think he's ugly at all. What great lips!! I can't wait to see him all done! :) Silke

KeKe said...

I really like "him". He's very unique...

Michelle said...

A sunflower dude would be very cool!

He is gorgeous actually, those lips are too cool.

Renee said...

He's fabulous and his cheeks, well look at those cheekbones.