Saturday, May 16, 2009


I finished up the girls :)

I'm heading out this morning to a first communion for Dale's grandson. The sun is shining and I'm hoping for a beautiful day!

Oh, oh, oh!
I also signed up to take a 12 week painting course from Tim Gagnon!

I've watched his you tube videos for awhile now and when I saw that he's offering instruction on his technique, I just had to sign myself up! I just love learning new things.

Did anyone watch Farrah's story last night? I recorded it and am going to watch it again and again. It really makes a person think. I need to become more grateful for each and every day. Why is it I need someone to tell me this sometimes? Crazy.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Tracy said...

your girls are very cute! love it

Zinnia said...

It came out beautiful! Wow!
I'm with you...thankful for each day. It is very difficult to believe that someone as vital as Farrah is going through such a terrible ordeal.
Your painting class sounds so fun!!!
ooxxx Zinnia

Silke said...

What a cute painting! Love it!! And, yes, we all need to be reminded to savor every moment! :) Silke

Brenda said...

The painting turned out great. Thanks for the heads up on the landscape painting classes - I've signed up too!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, I am finding really hard to find a favorite with your art. Each one you create is more beautiful! Really lovely. Feels like a teacher and a student caring while looking at your art. Each lady looks like a caring teacher and a student who loves learning.
Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

It turned out so pretty... gorgeous!!

Papermoonies said...

I love your fantastic creations and I totally get the three jobs thing. I am there sister!!
I am hosting an arty giveaway to end this weekend.
I now follow you

Sarah Lulu said...

I just LOVE your artwork and yes ...we must remember to be grateful EVERY day for life and our blessings.

Kelly said...

Such a sweet painting...I love their faces.

You're right...I often need to be reminded to be thankful too.

So blessed! said...

Wow...I love the girls.
Yes, I watched the Farrah story. It made me cry, but more thankful for my health and everything I have.
I am excited for you and your new painting class. Can't wait to see the results!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

Brenda, so glad you signed up too! I think it will be great to have the classes on DVDs too!

Utah Grammie said...

Oh my goodness - your girls' eyes are sooo pretty! I'm just beginning this whole painting faces thing - I've done landscapes and tonzzz of other crafts - and I have bookmarked your blog for some really "eye-candy" (no pun intended..wait..maybe it WAS intended..)

Susan Wymola said...

Wow Darla, That painting is AWEsome!!

It looks like a photo! I'm not kiddin!!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Oh Susan! That's not MY landscape, that's just a photo link to HIS work so people can see what I'll be learning. Our classes don't start until June 5. He does paint good huh? Yeah!

Susan Wymola said...

Duh, I was having a Wow Moment..
I looked at his blog, and then I knew..

He is Very Very Good... thanks for sharing!

BumbleVee said...

your girls a lovely and such pretty colours....