Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can you guess?

What artist inspired me tonight? I added my own touches but I'm sure you'll be able to see who it is :)

Sooooooo, after a week of feeling under the weather I finally felt well enough to try get my ever growing behind on the treadmill tonight! I got my spankin' white New Balance walking shoes on, my sweatpants and Tshirt and was ready to go. Then my 80 lb. furkid looks at me, such hope in his eyes when he saw my get up and thought surely this meant it was HIS turn to go for a walk outside! After a week of sitting by the window watching other lucky dogs walk by with their LOVING owners, tonight just had to be his night!

Alright, I decide. You're right, Mieko. You are a good boy and it's not fair you've had to suffer this little set back right along with me, so out for a walk we shall go! Yeah!!! Tail waggin', tongue hangin' out......we're gone! We go about 6 blocks and then what? Yep, all the cough medicine and cough drops have given mom an upset tummy. We scurry back home just in the nick of time.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. A dog can hope ♥


Zinnia said...

So glad you are BOTH walking, and love to see you creating again!

Brenda said...

Lovely sketch. I don't know enough artists to guess but I'll try Paulette Insall.

Lisa said...

poor you- can relate to walking hounds and needing to get home QUICK........poor you

Silke said...

Lovely drawing - I love her expression! Sorry you are still not feeling 100% yet! I hope you'll feel well again soon!! :) Silke

Anonymous said...

So pleased you are picking up and feeling better. Your little doggie was able to go for a walk. So cute!
Love your drawing, she look like she is resting on those flowers and feels so perfectly relaxed.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Thanks everyone! Brenda, actually this drawing is inspired by Pam Carriker a.k.a. The Bag Lady.
She does fabulous journal pages!

It's sunny and beautiful today and I'm going to attempt another walk now. Wish me luck! :)