Monday, October 19, 2009

Who's a brat?

I am! After pouting all weekend and whining to you all last night about a silly thing as trivial as a bad haircut, I felt really stupid!

I was definitely in a funk and my sketches last night are proof.

Fat girl with bad hair covered up with even worse scarf :)

Started as a girl with a cap but I turned it into my Illustration Friday piece. I don't think I'll post it over there because complete strangers might pop in here and see my recent rants. Embarrassing!

And since CHOP was the word for the day (in my mind anyway), I ordered the QVC Special value! Ninja Food Prep CHOPPER!

This, I am excited about!! Have you seen the infomercial? QVC had this for $53.12 and included 2 pitchers and 2 small containers so it was an awesome deal! Margaritas anyone?

I'm in a much better place today. I used goop and got my hair to spike a little so it looks a little it's meant to be cool or something. There are so many problems in the world and people suffering and I know MILLIONS would love to only complain about a bad haircut but have far worse troubles. I totally get it and I was a brat. I apologize. But.............

**Curse alert**
I KICKED MY OWN ASS and I'm a better person today :)

Have a super week!


pinkglitterfae said...

Darla, no need to kick your own ass. Don't apologize for what you write, this is your blog and it should be about your life and art. I would rather read real stuff from real people rather than some sugar coated 'everything is happy' crap. And most women have been there with the bad haircut, I too have cried when someone destroyed my hair with the worst color job ever!
Now for your sketches, I rather like them! the best art comes from your experiences so I think you should post your 'frozen' for Illustration Friday. :-D

SugarberrySensations said...

Darla, Darla, Darla, those drawings are BEAUTIFUL, just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Will you please stop feeling guilty for feeling the way you did - it is perfectly normal AND alright!!!!! Look at how fast you turned around! I LOVE your new sketches!!!!!!

In My Sepia Studio said...

We're all human here-and all have days like that!!

In My Sepia Studio said...

P.s. I like the girls hair in the first picture-she looks like she is feeling a little huffy!!

Nicola said...

Darla you really make me smile and laugh when I come visit you. I agree with 'pinkglitterfae' this is your blog and it's all about you so you should feel free to rant about whatever is bothering you and be happy when you feel happy!! That's why I like coming to visit so much I don't feel like i'm floating around in cyberspace when I come see you I feel like I've really visited!!! Glad you are feeling better though! :0)

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

Sweet Darla, I'm so glad you feel better today! You are such a treasure! But I totaly agree with Betty, you don't need to apologize! When you feel bad you are more than entitled to complain! Right? Right! :)
Now, about your new sketches, I don't see anything wrong with them, I think they are WONDERFUL!!! I love them, I really do!!!
Lots of love and big smiles your way,
Sanda xx

Kaili said...

No need to to apologize, a bad hair cut is the WORST! Ugh. Glad you're feeling better though. I loved your watercolor grapes. You are much more skilled with that medium than I am!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Darla! Your newest creations are lovely! I agree with Betty, write what you feel. I have a great time each time I visit! Have a wonderful week!

Lisa :)

Utah Grammie said...

I want to see a picture - I'll bet it darling on you!And you images, even of fat with bad hair are darling :-)

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Yes, we all have BAD days and there is no need to Pink Glitter Fae said, this is your blog and WE LOVE IT! As for your sketches...ROCK ON GIRL..they are awesome! Keep your chin up and stay positive and keep creating your magical art that you always do! Cheers

Diana Evans said...

Hi Darla!!! your hair is is the person and never the hair!! and you are always so sweet!!! THese pieces are wonderful and never worry about saying what you feel...

Have a wonderful day!!!!


Renee said...

You had every reason to complain. When I get a bad haircut I am so pissed off I can barely talk to my hairdresser. har har

Anyway, all better now.

Love the picture of frozen you should totally post it.

Your work is amazing.


Annette Q said...

Oh Darla!
Your situation is totally understandable! I've had a bit of phobia of hairdressers ever since I was a little girl, (because they kind of made my hair into a huge palm tree) which has then resulted in me being VERY unadventurous with my hair, even now!
I love that you post about the good and the not so good, like the others have said. Just makes me want to visit you more.
Glad youre feeling better too :-)

Anonymous said...

You have done some wonderful creations this week.. It helped to let it all out this way.. look what you have accomplished.. Just beautiful.. beauty!
Hugs, Darlene xo

All My Yesterdays said...

Haven't checked blogs for a few bad. Sorry about the haircut. But look what you created! And it'll grow may even decide you like it anyway! Keep painting, you're great!!

Serena said...

No need to apologise at all, Darla.....I've shed many tears over a bad hair-cut or style. Rant away ANY time you want to!

It's funny how you turned that bad experience around into some gorgeous sketches. Well done!

I love the name of your new appliance - Ninja CHOPPER....I'll have a Margartia, thank you ~ :)