Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blue Jay & a painting snowman

Ok, bird #2 is complete but not without a weeeeeeeee bit of frustration. I thought I owned every single color of acrylic paint ever made but I had none of the colors required for this, other than black and white. See? This is why instructions are hard for me! ha! I like wingin' it!

I have a color conversion book (somewhere) but I'm too lazy to dig it out and look up what colors would work best for replacement. I just used the closest that I could find. Hope you like him. Oh, and it's another Sharon Stansifer design.

I think my next challenge will be to go dig through books and pick something out :)

And here's a little ACEO for your WINTER pleasure. It's supposed to snow here tonight or tomorrow. One of my favorite novels was 'A Rose in Winter' and this reminds me of that :)
(Trudy Beard design)

Have a great night!


Martha Lever said...

Beautiful birds!! Wonderful!!!
If you are planning to take the Calligraphy class you will need the Parallel pens that you can get from Jet Pens. 6.0 and 3.8 size

You could get the Speedball set at Michael's also although you could wait about that. I also like to use a Westwind graph pad which is on the list.

Then you would be ready to go! All other supplies are optional.

Jasmine said...

Another beautiful bird. Worth the frustration :)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Those are simply beautiful!

Are you getting snow now? We are in Colorado! Hope it goes away by Trick-or-Treating night!

Quilt Works said...

Lovely colors you have made! Beautiful, so many perfect small details. GREAT JOB

MagicMarkingsArt said...

love the soft colors! and your etsy shop is looking delightful!

Utah Grammie said...

Pretty birdie! But I do so love the snowman!

luthien said...

what a darling bird!! in my fav color!

Rhomany said...

Your birds are amazing Darla, I love that cardinal in the previous post. And the little snowman doing his painting is absolutely adorable

SugarberrySensations said...

Oh my goodness, Darla, that Blue Jay is absolutely gorgeous, just like I knew he would be!!!!! Even without the 'proper' colors he is beautiful!

And your Trudy Snowman - I loove, love, love him!


Renee said...

Darla the bird is gorgeous again.

Sorry I am going to have to ask you to take the snowman off the etsy list again and put him on the side for me.

When I get to 4 we can ship them out again, how about that.

So far, I'm buying the bunnie and the snowman.

Love Renee xoxo

Kelly said...

These two paintings are wonderful! I love the bluejay. We have alot of jays...sometimes they can be so raucus and loud you forget how really exquisite they are. Your painting is gorgeous.

Debbie said...

These are just great and I checked out your etsy shop..its full of goodies!

Fotf said...

AAhh so cute a snowman doing what looks like one stroke painting lol. Did it snow?

Charmingdesigns said...

I love Trudys designs. Your bird is wonderful

All My Yesterdays said...

Hope you do more favorite things to collect this time of year..even go out an make some when there's enough good packing snow. You are just so good at this.