Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sketching and a SALE on ETSY!

I'm soon ready for a new sketch journal.......this is honestly the best thing I've bought myself in the past year. And believe me, Michaels has seen me a lot and it's a 80 mile round trip :) I have gotten the most use out of this and have seen the most growth with this one simple item.

I love to sit and watch tv at night, in my comfy chair and just doodle away.
I did this one a couple of nights ago:

I did this one on my lunch break today:

Both of the girls look to be carrying a bit of an attitude, but that's just how they come out sometimes. Actually.....a LOT of the time. I guess I like the more sad and serious faces when I draw.

Anyway, if you have a sketch journal........great! If you don't, I highly recommend getting one. It's so fun for me to go back and see what I've drawn in the past 10 months and I hope to someday have several of these books piled up.

Starting tomorrow (Friday) I'm having a sale over there in Etsyland! 25% off....EVERYTHING!
I try not to push my Etsy store on anybody but I thought I'd let you know about this weekend sale...hope you don't mind. I consider you all my friends and not my prospective customers♥

Take care,


Diana Evans said...

Hi Darla!!! this is wonderful...I love the process and the work in progress shots!!! always fun to see how people work on their artwork!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


Lynne said...

I love the sketch, Darla. I love that you are always creating. Keep it up!

Mundo Mundaca said...

So beautiful those girls of long lashes.... they are a charm.
I want to see las colored ok!!!

All My Yesterdays said...

Hi again Darla, love what you've created. your *doodling* is awesome and how funny that you can do that and watch TV too. Now that's talent!!
I'll for sure go see the etsy sale. And you SHOULD promote yourself!
Oh, just something to share. I found a sketch pad in some of my Grandpa's things a few years ago and was dumbfounded at what he'd painted. I never knew...
Keep *doodling*!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Oh I love them both! Love their eye lids and lashes! I think my favorite is the one with the blue outfit. It's amazing to look back over your art journey right? xo Michele

Micki said...

Hi Darla, I love your sketches,So much gorgeous detail.
I too have a sketchbook but my sketches are REALLY roughly done, my problem is that when I used to sketch 'properly' in my book, I always preffered the sketch to the painting I did of it and got frustrated, so now I 'rough sketch' my ideas out and all is good ;)

Micki x

Utah Grammie said...

I have started doing this and I too love looking back - seeing the ones I like, the ones not so much..

And I have a record of what I did - who knows (or cares) if I made the bed that day..but I have my little book to remind me of what I created that day! I carry one in my purse, so if I'm at the doctor's or whatever, I can pull it out and sketch :-) You have no idea how this can be soothing in an airport..

Art by Sascalia said...

Those sketches are adorable! I love them! x

Barbs Art Stuff said...

Hi Darla- I love to sketch while watching TV in the evening as well. My shading does not come out like yours can you tell me what tools you use to do your shading. You know I love your work and enjoy your updates. Stay well, Barb T.

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by Darla.. I am so glad! Now I get to see your beautiful work. Love the sketches!