Monday, October 5, 2009

The Studio Crawl

I thought I'd share a little of my Saturday when I drove to Fargo and attended the Visual Arts Studio Crawl!
It was fun and VERY interesting. I was amazed at a lot (well, all!) of the art I saw. So many of these people are doing what many of us dream of..........creating art full-time.
There were SO many studios to visit and they were scattered a bit and not being familiar with the Fargo area so much, I had to pick the ones I wanted to see most.

My first stop I just stumbled onto purely by accident. It was the Upfront Gallery downtown where I saw a lot of unusual art~macabre but so very interesting to look at. One artist, Mackenzie Kouba was in the back and she came out once but I never dared to wander back and watch her because she wasn't actually listed on the brochure indivually. The 'gallery' was listed but not her name and she should have been. I would have loved to watch her work. Funky college art student :)

Upfront Gallery - Artist: Mackenzie Kouba

Another stop was Elizabeth Schwankl. She is a BEAUTIFUL artist, inside and out! Lovely, lovely person. She creates 'aluminart' which is hard to see in this photo, but in person it's gorgeous. I actually purchased a little piece of her work. It's all I could afford! LOL

Elizabeth Schwankl

Next was Ellen Jean Diederich. She's an amazing watercolorist and her home was opened to all. She's published books and has taught many people too!

Ellen Jean Diederich

Then there is Karen Bakke.....WOW! She does it all! Murals, watercolor, acrylics, and oils.
The city of Fargo has works of hers scattered all over! Murals in the hospitals and churches and a few special children's bedrooms. She's amazing and it was great to see her work in person!

Karen Bakke

What did I learn on this fabulous day? I learned that:
I. am. not. an. artist.
I. am. a. crafter.

But maybe, just maybe if I had the time to devote to it, I could get better and better too. This reminds me........I'm off to check my lottery tickets! Maybe I can punch out early today :)
For now, I will work to pay the bills and dabble as I do now for fun♥

Have a great week!


Renee said...

Darla my favourite is Mackenzie of course.

You are so talented, can you even imagine what you could produce if you could do this full time. Well, I personally think the universe is ready for you dear heart.

Love Renee xoxo

Tara said...

Girl, you sound just like me. I actually took a "mental health" day from work today. LOL...
Looks like you saw some great works. I love to go see artists work to get inspired, but I usually just come home overwhelmed and realize I am just a crafter too. I bought a book by Kelly Rae Roberts that has really inspired me called, Taking Flight. Have you seen it? Check it out. It has really changed my thinking about my creative wings. She is awesome.
Have a blessed day. Didn't mean to write a book! LOL....

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

What wonderful art you found on your "art walk"! I know that most 'critics' would disagree...but I think that "art is in the 'eye of the beholder' and there's probably a 'real artist' inside each of us just waiting to come out!"
I keep waiting for my lottery numbers to hit too...maybe one day!

Jennifer said...

Your studio crawl sounds like so much fun!! But it shouldn't make you second guess your own talent and art. Believe me, I know where you are coming from, I often have the same problem. So, I happen to disagree with you... I totally see you as an artist!

Quilt Works said...

What a great day - I would have liked to be your company :-) I love going from gallery to gallery.

Annette Q said...

What inspiring art! Thanks for sharing it with us Darla :-)
Like Jennifer, I also see you as an artist, dont underestimate your talent;-) I just believe there are different types of artists out there.
...I know what you mean though, I've studied art at college, built a portfolio, but I cant bring myself to call myself an artist. This is something that I think about often. What makes someone an artist? I guess I'll never know for sure.
Happy Monday

SugarberrySensations said...

Darla, first of all, you have GOT to start giving yourself more credit my dear!!!!! I mean it - you are INCREDIBLY talented!!! =)

It looks like such a wonderful, wonderful time you had!! Thank you for taking the time to post it all!

♥ Lori

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Thanks everyone!
I love doing the art I do and I love seeing the art we all do. It's so inspiring to me!

From this point on, I will consider myself a 'crafty artist'! Kind of like how a burger is nice and cheese is good, but a CHEESEBURGER is AWESOME! :)

Nicola said...

Hi Darla, what a wonderful time you must have had. I think it would be so very inspirational to see so many other artists at work like that. I have to agree with Annette and Jennifer, I completely see you as an artist. Art can be expressed in so many ways musically, physically, visually. I have been do art school just like Annette and I find it hard to call myself an artist as I feel like I'm really at the beginning of my art journey as it's only now that I'm really embracing it. I guess it's all about confidence. You have an amazing talent, just go with it!!! (hehehe sorry mine turned into a bit of a novel as well) x

Marie S said...

I think that you are mistaken Darla. You are an artist.
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Oh Darla I just couldn't disagree with you more about not being an artist. You truly are and I hope one day your realize this! Your work is beautiful; the color palettes and images are enchanting and always capture me!

Thank you so much for sharing about your day and all the wonderful artists you visited and spent time with. It's nearly overwhelming to digest all the visual intake you did in one day but I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself.

Tatieva said...

Wouah, fantastiques peintures !
Mon coup de coeur va à cette cavalière vêtue de rouge sur son cheval, c'est d'une puissance incroyable, j'adore !
Kisses from France,
Tatieva, painter

Serena said...

Loved the pics, Darla. I was particularly drawn to the painting by Elizabeth Schwankl and I adore that little Boston Terrier by Karen Bakke.

I'm not sure I would agree with you about being a crafter. I believe art falls into many categories and, if you paint, you're an artist....and a pretty good one at that ~ :)