Monday, July 13, 2009

Sometimes we forget.......

How really GOOD cooking healthy can taste! YUM!
I marinated chicken breasts in Wishbone's Bountiful dressing (Tuscan Romano Basil) overnight and grilled them on my George Foreman grill. Then I diced up zucchini, summer squash and cherry tomatoes and sauteed them with olive oil spray and added fresh basil towards the end. It was VERY delicious! :) This huge and filling meal was around 300 calories! Yippeee!

I've been a bad girl lately, eating anything and everything my fat little heart desires and it's time to shape up. Mentally and physically. I lost weight last year and felt so good about myself. (I followed the Weight Watchers Core plan)

When I gain weight, I'm crabby (because nothing fits and I'm embarrassed to go anywhere) and I just don't feel well physically either. I'm going to mow my lawn tonight which is a great work out! It takes me over an hour and according to my heart rate monitor that I faithfully used last year, it burns about 400 calories. No more sitting around doing nothing and wishing for a miracle.
"If it is to be it is up to me!

20 lbs....that's it. I can do this!

Ok, I've been sketching with one of my gel pens lately and it's kind of fun to see how messy it can get. They're very wet so they smudge! The first time it smudged, I said 'ohhhhhhhh crap' and then I played with it and now I love it! ha It's fun to see just how funky a sketch can become!
Here are just a couple.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, here are some fun summer photos of my grandchildren that I snagged from their Mommy's facebook :)

This is Nora on what must have been an exhausting car trip! Or should I say 'Snora'? hehe

This is what Nora does when the game gets a little slow for the kids in the outfield! One must keep themself occupied, right?

This is Cutler going down the water slide. Click on this to enlarge and see the priceless expression when his little bum hits that cold water! ha

My oldest granddaughter, Cailee, playing softball.

And here she is again, having a little fun in the water herself!

Wishing you all a great week!


Strawberry Girl said...

Looks Yummy!! I followed the WW Points plan for a while... then I found out I had Celiac's which totally threw me off. I had to deal with extra weight until I figured out what was going on, now I am back to (kind of) following core...

I love the pictures of your grandkids! So Cute!! ;D

Michelle Eaton said...

That looks yummy!

Great sketches. I have never used gel pens.

Thanks for sharing the pics with us. They are great!

Brown Sugar Babies said...

That looks good Darla! I'm doing the WII Fit , and just dug out my WW cookbook from long ago.

Anonymous said...

Darla, they look so happy, having so much fun.

Renee said...

Darla the kids are gorgeous and I laughed out loud at little Snora...


Serena said...

what a wonderful post full of variety, darla.

yummy looking food....thanks for the link. i so know what you're saying about extra weight and not fitting into clothes. all my jeans have become way too tight for comfort which is why i've been living in elasticated-waist or wrap-around skirts. just as well i love skirts but i'm seriously not happy with the excess weight.

the pics of your grandkids were great! the one of cutler was priceless!

lovely sketches too! :)

Zinnia said...

okay, now I feel like I really shouldn't have made southern fried chicken for dinner tonight! LOL! I only ate one piece, I promise!
The weight thing really is mind over matter. I am with you on that. I keep hoping to walk my dog more and get some exercise!
Instead, I'm with your sweetheart snora...I just want to take a nap!
Love your sketches. I think you are tuning into some new energies...go with it girl! Growing and exploring is fun! oxoxoxo