Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Choose Me - ACEO

I decided to go with an ACEO for my 'Choose Me' piece. I posted about the wonderful song I heard (July 23rd post) and it really touched my heart.

I worked last night on my back patio. There was a small addition attached previously and when we sided the house 2 years ago, we tore the addition down. So now part of the patio floor that was painted is peeling. My Dad stopped over with his pressure washer and I busted loose a lot of paint.

I got an estimate last summer to replace the concrete slab completely because there are some cracks, etc. but it was $1350 and a little more than I had hoped. For now, I'm going to put indoor/outdoor carpeting on it and call it good. I think once the furniture is out there, and I display some potted plants, it will look just fine. Eventually it WILL get replaced and be slightly larger to allow for an awesome hot tub! Woohoo! I'm dreaming a little, but....a girl's gotta dream!



Alexandra said...

she is so lovely . Love it!

Jennifer said...

AWW... what an adorable piece!! She is so precious!

Micki said...

Beautiful aceo!

I dream of swimming pools and hot tubs too.....Ah one day!!

Micki x

Diana Evans said...

oh so cute Darla!!! i love her....wonderful to be back so I can catch up!!!!


CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Love the finished piece! Quite lovely:)

Serena said...

a beautiful ACEO!

i'm still dreaming of my cottage by the sea ~ :)

Nicola said...

Hi Darla she is gorgeous! I've just started working on my own little cards, I'm hoping to paint them today. It's actually a really nice change to work on a smaller scale and I'm finding it quite exciting! Thanks for inspiring me!!! Oh and I'm hoping for a hot tub on our back deck one day too, hehehehehxxx