Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Dale loves these. The Bronze Boot serves an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT buffet every Saturday from 11:30-2
For those of you who aren't familiar with these.....they are BULL nuts. Testicles. Or according to my search on the web:
balls, nuts, plums, rocks, bollocks, nads, gonads, sack (collective), nuggets, Cracker Jacks, stones, kerbangers, marbles, tenders, cullions, bells, pelotas, nutsack, bollocks, family jewels, gems, cojones, junk, package, manjigglies, Man tonsils, Knackers, Cods, love spuds, hanging brain.

Needless to say, I order salad or a turkey sandwich :)

Oh and guess what........I painted a girl. Sorry if I'm boring you to tears with these and I promise I'll change things up again soon. Dale suggested I try painting a full-body girl....nekkid. Go figure. LOL

I'm going to try check out the consignment auction today and will hopefully have something way cool to share with you all. I hope so anyway. Sometimes they really are a bust though.

Enjoy your Sunday♥



priti.lisa said...

She is beautiful, Darla.
Got you beat on the naked girl :)
I love to paint those priti-titties
xox, Lisa

Mary said...

Oh yuk is right!!!!
Thanks for all the terms though, might come in handy!! lol

Your girls are lovely, keep them coming!!

Have a great day!!


Silke said...

Oh, that made me laugh. Dale sounds like he keeps you entertained... Beautiful girl! You are on a roll with these... Love, Silke

wyanne said...

The painting is beautiful! She has so much expression in her face. And Rocky Mountain Oysters sound disgusting!

All My Yesterdays said...

HA! We call 'em GONADS around here, and yes, I know some men in town who eat them ): But the main Ranching business here is Sheep...yep! *Little gonads*..hehe

Ok, as far as the painting Dale wants...may be something to do with his lunch choice :P

Have a fun Sunday Darla

See ya Yesterday..

Micki said...

Ha ha Darla you just made me and my hubby laugh!!

I first started reading and was all "eww oysters thats gross" then I read further and was all "wtf thats just nasty!!!" lol good job I wasn't drinking my coffee at the time, it may have gone all over my monitor screen ;)
I seriously could not even contemplate kissing a guy that ate that stuff though.... good luck to you I say ;)

Micki x

Manon Doyle said...

Love the new painting, Darla!!
At one of the restaurants in AZ they call those Rocky Mountain! I would never eat!

Sonja said...

Near my home there's also a place, known for Bull's nuts :) did try them some time ago, nothing special :)
I wish I could paint my gals so quickly :) I also finished one and decided to change her skin color.. start all over :) Love the process :)
Your girl looks great, love the roses. Made with "one stroke"?

Createology said...

Your new girl painting is very pretty. She certainly DID NOT eat any "Rocky Mountain Oysters" or she would look like the boy's photo. Keep creating...

Colleen said...

Oh your Dale and My Mr. B..two of a kind!
Never, I repeat, never too much of yoiur artowrk - are you...ah..RcokyMountainOysters?? LOL

Colleen said...

How did you get that cook texture? I love her!!

Barbs Art Stuff said...

We could never be bored looking at your art Darla. Your work is so amazing.

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

Your girls are soooo BEAUTIFUL, Darla! I simply love them all! Your work is really, really wonderful!
Lots of love, see you in class,
Sanda xx

Serena said...

Ewwwwwwww on the Rocky Mountain Oysters!!!!

Your girl is BEAUTIFUL!!!! So feminine and pretty....the roses are a lovely touch ~ :)

Magpie said...

Those looked good until I read what they are. eewwww. yuk. bleh. Those poor bulls.

Your girl paintings are lovely!