Saturday, February 13, 2010


I painted this girl on a wooden plaque. When I taught One Stroke painting I bought several of the painting kits for students and couldn't get rid of them! The paints finally went bad, but I did pull out the brushes and surfaces to save. Glad I did and remembered I had them.

I did this earlier this week but wasn't too happy with her so I kind of forgot about her. Now she's grown on me a bit. I spent $3.50 for a package of napkins with hydrangeas on them and was so disappointed when I adhered them to this, they were just dark blobs! So I added highlight strokes to make them look like a totally different flower.

I'm still struggling with loosening up my strokes but it's getting better I think. I'm learning :)


Colleen said...

She's beautiful! I really want to try these lovelies but just signed up for Martha Lever's calligraphy fun class - so maybe next month!

Jennifer said...

She is gorgeous! Great fix on the flowers, they are so pretty!

lee said...

I love it, you did a beautiful job on all your ladies

Nicola said...

I really like this Darla, it's got a real whimsical feel to it. I really like your use of colour too! Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darla,
I am in Florida as you know. It has been so tough trying to reach everyone. I finally found a Coffee house w/wifi..!
My pc is running like a turtle.. and it is so hard to try to write, visit with anyone.
I love your work you are doing w/Sharon.. Keep it up girl..
I will be joining you soon too!
There is a micheals not to far from here.. lol
Hugs, Darlene

Createology said...

You really have a beautiful style. Your faces and colors are entrancing. Happy Hearts to you and yours. Keep creating...

Brown Sugar Babies said...

Beautiful Darla!! You are giving me ideas for some old Onestroke surfaces I still paints went bad too.

All My Yesterdays said...

Every one of them take on their own little personality with each stroke! Keep creating the beauty Darla (O:

SugarberrySensations said...

Wow, ok, those flowers - I totally, totally thought you painted them completely - what a way to work them into the mix! You are amazing, it's just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Thanks for your entry in the giveaway!! =)

Stay warm dear! We don't have snow, but horrible freezing cold wind today!


Anonymous said...

Darla, you are just soaring through so many beautiful paintings, I am in awww of them.
Thank you so much for your beautiful emails.
Today I feel an angel gave me a new way. Maybe the no's are good to be given.
Bless you so much and have an amazing evening!