Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hold your head up and be proud

I painted this journal page tonight after watching Kirstie Alley on the Oprah show. I know she struggles with her weight and the paparazzi will NOT give her a break but I really like her! I like her spunk and her sassy self :)

She said something today that I can relate to and I'm sure many others. She said she KNOWS she's a good mother and she KNOWS she's a good actress and she KNOWS she's a good person and she has decided to NOT let them (tabloid magazines) bring her down anymore! Good for her! I don't have paparazzi hounding me but I do hear negative voices IN MY OWN HEAD! That's the worst kind! Need to change that ASAP!

She has a new show starting March 21 on the A & E Channel called Kirstie Alley's Big Life and I'm excited to see it.

I'm going to try and 'Hold my head up and be proud' of who I am, what I've accomplished and what I've yet to do in this life. I hope you do this already, but if not, please join me! ♥ It's time.


p.s. Yes, she's orange. haha


Createology said...

Well spoken words. We must believe in ourselves and no negative self-talk or inner critics allowed. This is something I am personnally working on. Keep creating...

Jennifer said...

Your little miss orange is adorable!!

I think we could all work on those pesky negative voices... I know I sure could! I like her attitude too. I hadn't heard about her new show... I will be sure to check it out! Thanks for the heads up! :)

Jackie said...

I love Kirstie alley too. I am so grateful to just be an ordinary citizen with no paparazzi.I think Kirstie is very inspiring and you are too my friend:) Love the new painting.

Fotf said...

Love it and the inspiration behind it, we all need to stand up and be counted for and have faith in ourselves :)

Nicola said...

Hi Darla, I totally agree, what a lovely positive post. I think we all have that negative voice in our head sometimes whether it be about our art, our body image, how good a mother we are etc. It's nice to know I'm not the only one, i think I'm getting better at ignoring those voices!! Lovely journal entry I love those warm oranges you've used they are very striking you manage to create some wonderful colours with your paints!!! Lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Darla, amen to this! You are very beautiful and we shouldn't let magazines and tabloid run our lives as it tries too. Even feeding us fear of everything. To be honest I feel like the news is satan. Not that I want to run and hide, well yes I do! I think fear is satan. The tabloid fead us it right down to how we look. About times we kicked it's butt, so I am so proud of this lady saying she won't let it bother her and so proud of you too.
We just have to shut up the after effect voices in our head!
Next level sheer content!



linda cardina said...

i love this! the colors are wonderful!

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

What an inspiring post, and I love your journal page!

All My Yesterdays said...

I think you should send this to her...Kirstie.
And I love how you posted about this. Maybe I should tell Oprah myself and then the paparazzi idiots WOULD be hounding you! Ok, so I don't know Oprah...


Have a great Friday Darla

MagicMarkingsArt said...

I saw Kirstie on Oprah too - and I think her words were a little stronger than what you posted :) Viewing your delightful work it's unbelievable to think that there are negative thoughts in regard to what you do and what you've accomplished. Do indeed keep your head high and believe in yourself.

Brown Sugar Babies said...

Darla the colors just leapt out at me ... I adore this one.

Manon Doyle said...

Great post and piece!! I love a positive attitude!!

Diane said...

I Love this post and I absolutely love that painting!!!

Sonja said...

Love her attitude, Kirstey's and your girl's.
Love her orange sun-like face. She is full of light and positive feelings.

Mundo Mundaca said...

Sweet Darla.. it is so good to pass for here.
You always have a positive word.. something to motivate us to proceed in front with the best than we have in ourselves.
I am adoring their new paintings.. they are so expressive and luminous.
Have a beautiful weekend.!!

Colleen said...

That's the BEST attitude..I have had a long battle with self-acceptance and have gotten to the point that if I'
m heathy enough, and I'm loved enough, and I fun enough..then I AM ENOUGH!

Marie S said...

You should be proud. You are wonderful and loved.
You are beautiful and special and a gift to the whole world.
Thank you.
I watched this show too and I loved what she said.
She is also one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.
I let my weight affect me to much and it is not important. Not really.
I love this journal page Darla and what a beautiful face.
Have a great weekend.
Love and hugs

suziart said...

I saw the show too and can't wait for her reality show...she just says it like it is, I love her honesty.

Anonymous said...

It surely is time...embrace ourselves!!!!! the mad self-defeat must end!!

have a great weekend

Our Comfy~ Cozy Life!!!! said...

Hello! I love your blog! I am passing on a Beautiful Blog Award to you! You can find it on my blog! Have a great day!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Darla,
And you should hold your head up high and be proud.
You are a lovely person, very creative and caring.
Keep up the good work.
Big hugs,

SugarberrySensations said...

Oh Darla, this was just wonderful, what a wonderful post and what a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL painting!!!! =)


Marie S said...

Oh my dear Darla, I hope you win the lottery!!!
Love and hugs sweetie.

Breezy said...

Very well said! I just found your blog.. love the art work.
I'm glad I stopped in :)

wyanne said...

I totally missed her on Oprah...and I'm really sad that I did. I love her. I love your new painting...and I love that she is orange. Those negative voices haunt all of us...I just try to tell myself that I'm the boss of the painting...and it can be anyway I want it to be.

Mary said...

Love this!! I will be watching out for her show for sure.

I have been 30 lbs. overweight off and on for years. I'll loose it, and then gain it back. When I begin to loose it, I get "you are looking great" from others. I have caught myself saying that to others as well. I don't want to only say that to someone when they are loosing weight!!! I am at the point now that I know I need to eat healthy for my health, and if I change the way I eat I will loose some of it, but if I do not get back into my size 10 jeans I need to be happy with where I am.

Mary said...

Oh, I did want to tell you I love your journal page.

Stella said...

You painted that? Wow-wish I could do that. It is such a cute painting with a lot of expression. The color scheme is beautiful too.