Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

What a week! My boss is in Cancun on nice huh? There's a national bean convention :) How come they never need clerical support at these things????????

Anyway, I stayed back and kept the office going. Not that I was asked to tag along anyway.
I've had an auditor in for the past couple of days doing a semi-annual audit so I haven't had much time to visit or check up on anyone.

Tonight I painted over another canvas. I figure if they've sat here, unwanted for a year, it's time to give them another try. Unless, of course, they have special meaning to me, then I'd keep them ♥

You can see in the bottom left hand corner there's a butterfly! I might have to putz a little more on this one. It's funny, but I can work on something for 2 hours and NEVER even notice one nostril is higher than the other! It's SO obvious to me in these pics! ugh!

Oh and since Easter is fast approaching, I thought I'd share a picture I found recently!

I don't know what is in my hand there because I can't believe my finger is that long! Yikes!
This is my older brother, Harold. We used to have a bunny cage and always had baby bunnies at Easter time. I don't know what ever happened to them, and I don't dare ask :( Hopefully they were set free to romp in the fields in the beautiful, warm sunshine♥ Check out our matching socks and shoes! Not sure if Mom dressed me in boys footwear or vice versa? I do know she cut my hair. She always got a little scissor happy in the bangs department. :)

Have a super weekend everyone! I'm off to finally get some shopping done tomorrow. I HOPE! We're due for some more snow which seems to always come on my weekends.



All My Yesterdays said...

Darla, good to see you back here! I love whatever it is you create..nostrils and all! Just makes her imperfectly normal if ya ask me...

And what a cute picture of you and your brother! Your hair looks like mine did. only mine was blond and I think my bangs were crooked...
As far as the bunnies...yep, I'm sure they happily hopped away to Bunnyville (O:

Have fun shopping tomorrow and stay warm.

zoe said...

i love this one! it looks like she has a jeweled hair-piece. she's beautiful, and the background colors are my favorite :)
i have the same problem, by the way, with details i don't see until there's a photo. it's bizarre, as close as we are to a canvas, and as completely focused on it as we are, right? but it's true, nonetheless.

when your boss gets back, it's your turn, right? :D

Jo said...

That photo is adorable!!
And, I think the bangs are cute!! :)

WrightStuff said...

I like the nose - it gives her expression, like she's sniffing at something or turning up her nose in curiosity! Cool effect - keep it!!

Micki said...

I love your latest painting Darla.
I do the same as you and paint over old paintings if they've been around for a while!

Love the easter piccie of you and your brother, My mum used to get scissor happy with my fringe too ;)

Micki x

Jackie said...

I love your painting. I know it's funny how when you are so close to a painting or drawing perspective is different.
I wouldn't have even noticed if you hadn't pointed it out, lol
I love it . It gives her character and your faces are beautiful as always:)

Diane said...

She's beautiful,Darla, and I love the butterfly in it!!! Love that Easter pic :) What did you have for dinner later on in the week? :) And you know what--I had the same haircut!!!

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Hey Darla,
I think this is fantastic! Her face is perfect, I wouldn't do anything to change it, even the nose which to me seems to be because of the way her head is turned or from her expression- whatever it is, it looks right. Her eyes and hair are my favorite elements of this tho, so beautiful!

Nicola said...

This one is gorgeous too! I know what you mean though I can work on something for a whole day then take a step back and realise that one eye is higher than the other, which I can't believe I didn't notice. I love her skin tone her features are so crisp! I also love that photo of you and your brother so cute!!!

SugarberrySensations said...

I can't believe he didn't take you to Cancun for the Bean Convention! Jeesh!

Oooh, now I know why you were so quiet - and auditor was in! Yuck!!!

That picture of you and Harold is precious!!! I need to ask my Mom for old pictures!

This painting is GORGEOUS - and I never would have noticed her nostrils had you not pointed it out you silly nilly!!! =)