Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fading memories

I did this watercolor piece last night and both images came right out so I just worked with them. Her arm was bent, I knew she had to hold something. I couldn't think of how the man should look and it reminded me of my own past a bit.

Some memories start to fade........and it's a good thing. Her heart has stitches and has mended over time. All is good :)

Some nights are just meant for some relaxing watercolors and doodling, don't you think?

Today I really have the urge to take a class or order DVDs or something.......I'm in the mood to learn something new. I've thought about ordering the Mark Carder method on DVD. I love how he uses 5 colors. period. That would cut down on my massive supply-o-crap in the basement and maybe I'd learn to mix my colors better :)

As for online classes, I'd love to hear suggestions! I've taken from Paulette Insall, Sharon Tomlin, Tamara Laporte, Martha Lever, Jane DeRosier (clay doll) so far but maybe there's somebody out there I've yet to discover? Lead me to them please!!


Cathy Bueti said...

Darla this is such a lovely one with quite a story behind it. Your colors are amazing and you always do such great cast shadows!!

As for classes I am not really a help as I am so new to this but I have taken the sharon class and just signed up for Suzi Blu. I am sure others will be able to suggest others!


Nicola said...

Really great piece and so good to hear the story behind it :0)

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh, I love hre..make me wabnt to give her a hug..for her streght and her broken (but mending) heart :-)

Classes? Oh I would take a million if I could..Alisa Burke has some interesting techniques..let us know which you decide on and think about offering classes yourself! Your unique and beautiful (!!) style is amazing!

Lynne said...

Hi Darla,
Above is a class that starts November 8th. The above video gives all the information you need. Her style seems
Very much like yours. While I really loved the carder method, it is really meant for oil painters, and I wasn't sure if you paint oils. It is also rather dry (yawn...lol) but if you watch it in small pieces, it is good .

Many smiles today, Lynne